Maslenitsa festivities “Karelian souvenir”


The past weekend turned out to be very eventful for the folk dance collective of PetrSU “Karelian Souvenir”.
In cooperation with the City House of Culture of Petrozavodsk, two events dedicated to the farewell to winter and Maslenitsa were held.

On March 13, the collective took part in the mass festivities “Happy Shrovetide, Friends!” , which took place in the residential area Solomennoye. There the guys performed “Russian dance with balalaikas” and a girl dance “Russian boots”.

On March 14, the festival “Wide Maslenitsa” was also held on Kirov Square in Petrozavodsk. On the main stage the collective performed with “Spring Round Dance”, “Russian Dance with Balalaikas”, as well as a girl dance “Russian Boots”.

The audience very warmly accepted the performances of the collective and started dancing with the dancers.


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