Master’s and PhD Students of the Ural Federal University Received Oxford Russia Fund Scholarships

28 graduate students and 4 doctoral students of Ural Federal University have become fellows of the Oxford Russian Fund. In their applications, the winners demonstrated a high level of scientific activity, academic achievements and social activities.

“I am studying on the Social Crowdsourcing program. During her studies at UrFU, she wrote nine scientific articles, the main topic of which is the social adaptation of cancer patients. In the application, I also reflected my extracurricular activities, for example, helping to raise funds for Christmas toys for children from the boarding school, ”said a master’s student Irina Protsenko.

The scholarship is assigned for one academic year and amounts to 8 thousand rubles per month.

In total, in the 2020/21 academic year, 62 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of the Ural Institute of Humanities and the Institute of Economics and Management became scholars of the Oxford Russian Foundation.

“My scientific activity is aimed at studying organizational and economic instruments in the field of solid municipal waste management. To the application, I have attached my scientific publications from high-ranking journals, published conference abstracts. He spoke about his project to create an information resource “Green Vector of Sustainable Development” at UrFU. I hope that the leadership of the university, together with the Students’ Union, will support it, ”said an undergraduate student Maxim Chashchin.

The resource implies the placement of information on sustainable management of MSW at the university. Maxim emphasizes that among the world’s universities, presenting data on sustainable development is an integral part of good form, public confidence, an element of attracting applicants, scientific personnel, partners who share the values of sustainable development.

“It was also necessary to write an essay in the application for the scholarship. I chose the topic “Does modern civilization continue to be a civilization of war?”. The topic attracted with its controversial nature. I believe it is necessary to jointly, in the course of creative activity, to meaningfully open the doors to the new with keys, relying on the experience of generations. There are no winners in any local or global war. All of humanity is losing, and each side pays for the blood of each side in its own way. If humanity does not develop in harmony with itself and the environment, then the “keys” from the solution of current and future problems disappear, ”Maxim shared his opinion.

The next scholarship competition will start in April 2021.