Masters students launch investment fund at Imperial College Business School


A team of students from Imperial College Business School have collaborated to create and launch the School’s first student-led investment fund.

The “Imperial College Business School Student Investment Fund” has been established by students from the School’s MSc Investment and Wealth Management, and the MSc Financial Accounting programmes with the core mission of equipping them and their fellow classmates with the necessary practical skills to work in a buy-side role within the financial sector.

By managing £100,000 in assets, courtesy of the College’s endowment, the investment fund will provide students with another method of learning financial skills, in addition to the content of their degree curriculums. By working with external companies, the investment fund will also help to connect ambitious students with potential future employers.

Jonathan Fielding, current MSc Investment and Wealth Management student and Co-CEO of the investment fund said;

“We came together to create this fund because we shared an interest in investing, wanted to learn more and challenge ourselves. There are many changes currently taking place in the asset management world and it is important that Imperial College Business School has responded by enabling us to introduce a high profile initiative of this kind. The Fund focuses on equipping students with skills necessary to be successful as an equity analyst, quantitative research analyst or asset manager.”

Students who engage with the Fund will benefit from:

practicing both quantitative and fundamental strategies, in line with emerging trends in the buy-side market
innovative research opportunities, including working with start-ups
an industry-led advisory board, to ensure the fund remains innovative and relevant
industry-led training programmes and workshops
access to an Industry Relations Network & Fund Alumni Network
Profits made by students from their investments are to be reinvested back into the Fund so that no capital gains are made.

To oversee the Fund’s operations and practices, the students will be supported by a faculty-led Investment Committee and an Advisory Board comprised of established industry figures.

The creation of the Fund was announced at an event, held at the Imperial College Business School campus in South Kensington last week, which was attended by the school’s faculty, students, alumni and corporates.

Speaking at the event, Professor Francisco Veloso, Dean of Imperial College Business School said;

“The creation of this Fund is a tremendous achievement for the students and the school. I believe that we, as educators, are doing a good job when we create platforms and environments which encourage students to take the initiative and run with an idea. Business schools should strive to elicit this forward-thinking and exploration from their students, and support them wherever possible.”

Davide Sciuto, current MSc Investment and Wealth Management student and Co-CEO of the investment fund said;

“The creation and support of the fund by Imperial College Business School proves how well student initiatives are welcomed by the school. We hope this project can be an inspiration for future students.”

Further information about the Imperial College Business School Student Investment Fund and its activities can be found via the School’s website: