Materials of the “Russian Electronic School” will appear on the information and educational resource of the Republic of Belarus

First Deputy Minister of Education Alexander Bugaev spoke about the prospects for integrating digital educational resources of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

“One of the important components of the work is the development of cooperation in the field of digital education. The issues of integrating digital educational platforms of the two countries, joint development and development of digital educational resources with the participation of teachers from Russia and Belarus are being worked out. This makes it possible to provide access to the capabilities of the digital educational environment on a reciprocal basis,” said Alexander Bugaev.

He recalled that Russian educational platforms have become especially in demand during the pandemic. Thus, the portal “Russian Electronic School” was visited by more than 63 million schoolchildren from Russia and foreign countries, among them more than 46 thousand teachers and students from the Republic of Belarus.

A joint rapprochement of the Russian and Belarusian platforms on certain subjects of the natural science cycle is also planned. At the moment, the parties have exchanged videos on all subjects. The Ministry of Education of Russia gave the consent of the Ministry of Education of Belarus to post educational materials published on the “Russian Electronic School” on a free basis on the Unified Information and Educational Resource of the Republic of Belarus.

Alexander Bugaev noted that currently the process of posting on the portal “Russian Electronic School” the educational and methodological manual “History of the Great Patriotic War: Essays on Joint History” developed in 2019 by a joint group of historians of Russia and Belarus is nearing completion. On the basis of the manual, it is planned to create a number of multimedia products in the future.

On the first day of the forum, Russian and Belarusian parliamentarians discussed cooperation in the field of science and education in the era of great challenges and digital technologies, as well as the implementation of union programs and scientific and technical projects within the framework of international treaties.

The forum also hosts a joint meeting of the governing bodies of the Chamber of Young Legislators under the Federation Council and the Youth Council (Parliament) under the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus and a meeting of the Business Cooperation Council of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Russia and Belarus, agreements on cooperation between the heads of executive and legislative bodies of the state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, contracts between enterprises of the two countries.

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