Mathrupoorna programme covering around 36000 pregnant and lactating women in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Mathrupoorna (One Full Meal programme) is providing hot cooked meal to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers through the existing system of Anganwadi Centers. On pilot basis the scheme is implemented from February 2017 in four most backward/Backward talukas of Karnataka (Raichur-Manvi, Mysore-H.D.Kote, Bagalkote-Jamakhandi, Tumkur-Madhugiri) covering around 36000 pregnant and lactating women.
The one full meal consists of Rice, Dal with leafy Vegetables/sambar, vegetables for a minimum of 25 days, boiled Egg and 200ml. milk for 25 days in a month and chikki. The one full meal will meet 40-45% RDA: ( 1342 Calories, 41gms Protein, 578mg Calcium) Of the daily calorie, protein and calcium requirement per day of the pregnant and lactating mothers. Along with the meal, Iron Folic Acid (IFA) tablet will be administered & gestational weight monitoring will be ensured for pregnant women.

Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) is one of the major national flagship programme that is being implemented in the State for the past four decades.
Under the Supplementary Nutrition Program of ICDS, Pregnant and lactating women HAVE been provided with take home rations nutritious food which provide about 600 calories per day, Despite the SNP program the improvement in the Maternal and Child Health indicators of Karnataka requires support.

Honorable Chief Minister during Independence Day speech addressed about providing nutritious food to pregnant and lactating women. In this scenario, to
achieve the goals of DWCD, it was decided to take up focused interventions. One such intervention is to provide one complete Meal to Pregnant and Lactating mothers along with IFA Supplementation, Calcium and deworming followed by counseling.

Objectives of Mathrupoorna:
• To improve the nutrient intake of pregnant women through spot feeding by providing One Full Meal in order to reduce the incidence of low birth babies and undernutrition among women & children.
• Enhance the quality and acceptability of supplementary nutrition by the Pregnant and Lactating women
• Bridge the gap between the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) and the Average Daily Intake (ADI) of pregnant and lactating women
• Ensure early registration of pregnancy & improve the enrolment of mothers at Anganwadi Centers (AWCs).
• Ensure Pregnant and Lactating women consume 100+ IFA tablets, Calcium tablets, deworming in 2nd trimester and receive health check-ups and immunization.
• Reduce prevalence of anaemia among pregnant women
• Reduce the incidence low birth weight and malnutrition among young children in the early years.