Maths Learning App Countingwell Launches Blended Learning Solution for Schools

Bangalore : India’s leading maths learning app Countingwell today announced the launch of ‘Countingwell for Schools’, a Blended Learning solution designed to help school teachers measure and reduce their students’ learning deficit in maths, created on account of the pandemic.

Countingwell for Schools uses advanced formative assessment techniques to allow school teachers to accurately measure the learning deficit in their students. The solution can be used by school teachers to assign simple Maths homework and periodic assessment tests to students to reveal what their students do not know, and to accordingly adjust their focus on filling the gaps in learning.

Nirmal Shah, Founder and CEO of Countingwell said, “We have designed this solution to equip school teachers with a powerful tool to measure and reduce the learning deficit in their students. Our blended learning is intended to provide individualised and self-paced maths learning for students and make it easy for teachers to assign personalised homework and pull data that guides their classroom instruction; allowing teachers to deliver differentiated instruction to students, use small group activities, engage students and facilitate effective learning for all..”

Countingwell for Schools allows teachers to create adaptive and personalised assessments and tests, and later view personalised reports for each student revealing the concepts or skills that need enhanced focus.

A key aspect of the platform is that, it does not add any burden or workload on the teachers. It has extensive built-in content and, allows teachers to set up home assignments and assessments in just a few clicks. This ensures that the teachers are more focused on delivering actual classroom learning, rather than managing the tool.

“A major consequence of online classes has been accumulation of a serious learning deficit among schoolchildren, particularly in a subject like Maths. A variety of factors including the reduction in syllabus, connectivity issues and lower attention spans in online classes, lack of access to learning material, libraries and personal interactions with teachers have all contributed to this deficit. While most academia has acknowledged the learning deficit, educators did not have any tool to measure it until now,” adds Nirmal.

Countingwell said the solution is being made available free of cost to all schools. The company only charges a one-time setup fee of Rs.999 for a school for unlimited number of students, which is also currently being waived off on request. The solution is currently offered for middle-school students and will soon expand to other classes.

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