MathWorks Announces $1 Million Donation to Gates Foundation’s Combating COVID-19 Fund

Bangalore: MathWorks, the Natick-based developer of software for scientists and engineers, today announced that it has donated $1 million to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Combating COVID-19 Fund, a $250 million initiative to work on COVID-19 globally. The fund supports leading scientific organizations to develop the most promising diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines to stop the spread of the virus and help speed people who are sick back to health. In addition, the fund is focused on protecting some of the most vulnerable people living in Africa and South Asia from the immediate impact of COVID-19—while helping their countries prepare for future outbreaks.

MathWorks, a global company with 33 offices around the world and customers in more than 180 countries, pursues a social mission that actively supports communities through advancing STEM education, fostering staff volunteerism, building environmental sustainability and aiding global relief efforts.

“MathWorks wanted to find an organization where we could make a meaningful contribution to scientific and engineering efforts to combat COVID-19,” said Jack Little, CEO of MathWorks. “Over the last five years Bill Gates has become a foremost expert on pandemics and we’re proud to support the scientifically-driven root cause solutions his Foundation is pursuing to fight COVID-19 around the world.”

In addition to the Gates Foundation donation, MathWorks recently assisted other global and local organizations in their efforts to combat the pandemic. This included:

· Directing a $1 million gift to CARE for that organization to use as necessary as it works to protect vulnerable people all over the world from the COVID-19 outbreak. CARE is providing hygiene kits, hand-washing stations and clean water to help stop the spread of disease – particularly in refugee and displaced persons camps where social distancing is impossible.

· Providing $285,000 in grants to 57 non-profit organizations within the MetroWest region of Boston. Each organization received $5,000 to help them address any pressing needs they themselves identify, including family support, food insecurity and youth development.

· Contributing $140,000 through staff donations and company matching to support worldwide COVID-19 relief efforts through Global Giving.