MatriKiran School celebrates Annual Day

New Delhi: MatriKiran’s 7th Birthday was recently celebrated at MatriKiran High School. The theme selected for the celebration was ‘New Years in India’. The entire school looked vibrant with decorations, installations and artistic expressions. The colorful rangolis, installations made from recycled materials, artifacts pertaining to different states, larger than life strolls depicting the landscapes of various Indian states, a child’s portrait made out of a collage with students’ art works and the glow of the oil lamps were the highlights of the decor.

The program started at 5.00 pm with an invocation by students of Grade 2, who chanted Sanskrit hymns based on the five elements – Space, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. This was followed by lighting of the lamp by Mr. Anil Bhalla, Chairman- Vatika Group and Mrs. Divya Bhalla, Chairperson- MatriKiran School. The Principal of MatriKiran School, Mrs. Jyoti Guha addressed the gathering. There was also an audio-visual presentation about the school.

The New Years presented in the event include Ugadi from Rayalseema and Telengana, Pola Boisakh from West Bengal, Navreh from Jammu and Kashmir, Baisakhi from Punjab, Islamic New Year, Puthandu from Tamil Nadu, Sindhi New Year, Gudi Padwa from Maharashtra, Parsi New Year, Chingam Onnu from Kerala, Sikkim New Year, Bihu from Assam, Jain New Year and Christian New Year.

The students performed with confidence and ease as they sang the songs in different languages, danced in the regional attire to various dance forms, showcased their theatrical skills and performed a splendid shadow puppet show. The parents were awestruck to watch their children perform with utmost confidence and grace. They whole heartedly appreciated the efforts of the entire MatriKiran team.