MatriKiran School, Sohna Road holds Author Talk Show

Sohna: Children’s author Nayanika Mahtani recently visited MatriKiran School to share interesting snippets from books written by her i.e. ’Ambushed’ and ‘The Gory Story of Genghis Khan’. More than 100 students from Grade 3-9 witnessed the talk.

“I really loved Nayanika Ma’am’s session, especially when the author said that ‘Stories choose us and we do not choose stories’. The best part of the session was the ‘Genghis Khan quiz’. I really liked both the books by the author,” said Mehek Nagpal, student of Grade-8, MatriKiran School.

The students interacted with her and enriched their knowledge by participating in interesting quizzes conducted by her. The author shared her passion for making history interesting for children and even showed an animation based on the main character of her book ‘Genghis Khan’. The students were enamoured by the way the story was narrated to them and were keen to read and know more about him.