MatriKiran students paint graffiti at DC office, Gurugram


Students of Gurugram based, MatriKiran School (Sector 83, New Gurugram) recently painted wall graffiti on two walls at Deputy Commissioner’s office, Mini Secretariat, Gurugram. The objective was to send out the message on women empowerment and unity in diversity through an art form. Nine students from classed 7th till 10th painted the walls and showcased their message through art.

“The students of MatriKiran School have done a commendable job with the graffiti. It is enriching to see the perspective of these students and how simply they have portrayed their feelings. It is important that children speak their mind through art or other means because they are our future. I am glad to be able to be a part of such an initiative,” said Vinay Pratap Singh, Deputy Commissioner, Gurugram.

The students who made the graffiti were Nikhil Aggarwal, Shreya Yadav, Nritu Luthra, Tanish, Ranbir from class 9th, Vedansh Rohilla, Dev from class 7th, Madav from class 8thh and Milli from class 10th.The students painted the two opposite walls of the entrance of DC office. The themes depicted women empowerment and unity in diversity. The first graffiti on women empowerment showed a woman trying to set herself free from chains and holding a torch (made from Rupee symbol) in her hand to enlighten the surroundings. It represents that women have their own right to determine their choices and improve the social and economic status of a nation. The other graffiti was on unity in diversity. It showed India with different people from different backgrounds still holding hands and being one.

“Students in MatriKiran learn how art can be a mechanism for political and social change. We thank the Gurugram DC for giving our students an opportunity to spread awareness about Unity in Diversity and Women Empowerment, through this striking Wall Graffiti,” said Jyoti Guha, Principal, MatriKiran School.