MAU and ProcessMAP Collaborate Using Data Analytics to Ensure the Health and Safety of Several Thousands of Employees

Augusta: ProcessMAP Corporation, the industry leader in offering a cloud-based data intelligence platform for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) transformation, and MAU Workforce Solutions, one of the largest and most innovative companies providing staffing, recruiting, outsourcing and technology solutions to its worldwide customer base, announced that the two companies are partnering to improve the health and safety outcomes for several thousands of associates.

Strategic Drivers for the Digital Transformation of MAU’s Safety Processes

With a focus on safety as one of their top values, MAU recognized that ensuring the occupational safety and health of its associates is a strategic business imperative. To operationalize this vision of comprehensive safety for its associates, MAU adopted ProcessMAP’s cloud and mobile EHS solutions to streamline real-time EHS data management and proactively mitigate safety risks, as well as potential operational disruption. Some of the additional business objectives that accelerated the need for the digital transformation of safety processes include the following:

A critical success factor for the digital transformation initiative was the ability to leverage a robust EHS platform that could be seamlessly integrated with various other EHS and TPA (Third Party Administrator) systems and data
The ability to easily identify unsafe acts and conditions at the individual workplace locations and track corrective measures were also a key objective. MAU leverages ProcessMAP’s Audits Management solution to proactively conduct audits and inspections, drive on-time closure of CAPAs (Corrective and Preventive Actions) and ensure accountability across all safety stakeholders
Comprehensive, intuitive, and reliable mobile capabilities for MAU’s employees spread across client-sites in North America. ProcessMAP offered native mobile EHS apps that do not tether MAU associates to a computer and enable them to access an exhaustive library of ready-to-use apps
As a mature safety-driven organization, MAU recognized the value of tracking leading indicators like observations and near misses to foster a culture of proactive safety. The company utilizes ProcessMAP’s industry-leading BBS solution to mitigate risks and eliminate safety hazards

“ProcessMAP is a strategic partner in our objective to ensure every MAU associate returns home to their loved ones healthy and safe, at the end of the day,” stated Robert Loose, director of safety at MAU Workforce Solutions. “With the combined power of mobile EHS solutions, the real-time data intelligence dashboards, and the scalability of the platform to drive the health and safety thousands upon thousands of associates, we can support our clients and our joint goals for safety,” he added.

“MAU’s deep commitment to ensuring the health and safety of its distributed workforce is an example of safety-driven leadership. ProcessMAP is proud to partner with MAU on this digital transformation initiative and offer a comprehensive and highly scalable suite of EHS solutions to translate its safety vision into reality,” stated Todd Jones, EVP of customer success for ProcessMAP Corporation.