Max Hospital Vaishali (Ghaziabad) Extends Medical Expertise in Moradabad with Launch of Robotic Thoracic Surgery OPD Services in the Region

Moradabad : Leading healthcare providers in Western Uttar Pradesh, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali, today launched Robotic Thoracic Surgery OPD in Moradabad in partnership with the city-based Apex Hospital. This is another patient-centric step taken by the healthcare provider to empower patients with accessibility to quality healthcare services. The facility will provide expert advice and treatment for such post-covid lung conditions as pulmonary mucormycosis or black fungus, cavitatory lesions and broncho-pleural fistula.

The OPD services were launched by leading surgeon, Dr Pramoj Jindal, Director Thoracic & Robotic Thoracic Surgery, Max Hospital Vaishali. Dr Jindal is one of the few trained thoracic onco-surgeons (cancer surgeon) in India. He has been practicing thoracic surgery for over 12 years and has been trained at various world leading thoracic surgical centers of the world. He will be visiting the OPD first Thursday of every month for consultation.

Max Hospital, Vaishali with its competent team of experienced doctors and other healthcare professionals offers state-of-the art world class services in Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine. The hospital also provides the facility of Diagnostic Non-Invasive, Nuclear Scans and CT Imaging all available under one roof.


Max hospital decided to launch OPD services in Moradabad as the Northern part of the country has been witnessing an alarming rise in incidents of Covid-related lung infections and post-covid complications. With the virus having lethal impact on mucous membranes and the respiratory tract, it can lead to lungs getting inflamed, getting filled with fluid and in certain cases even severe tissue damage wherein patients may require a lung transplant. With the launch of the OPD services, patients across age groups, socio-economic backgrounds, etc. can avail the best consultation and treatment in Moradabad and nearby regions, without the inconvenience of travelling to another city.


At the launch, Dr Pramoj Jindal said, “Patients complaining of prolonged cough, blood in sputum, and chest pain may develop lung conditions for which treatment needs to be sought at the earliest. Specialists like pulmonologists have to continually attend to the large majority of patients with Covid-19 related complications while also managing the increasing number of cases in the light of the new variants that are emerging every now and then. Delayed treatment doesn’t just impact treatment outcomes but can have adverse consequences on the quality of life and survival rates. The minimally invasive Robotic Thoracic Surgery for lungs and chest surgery uses the Da Vinci robotic system which translates the exact motions of the surgeon’s hands to miniature tools inserted through small incisions placed between the patient’s ribs. This helps in performing complex procedures in the patient’s chest which were earlier done by making a large incision and spreading the ribs. This technology is an advancement over the earlier techniques like video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) and offers unparalleled precision as well as enhanced visualization. With this groundbreaking technology, there is a new hope for patients, who, if treated in a timely manner, can look forward to leading a normal life.”


With the launch of the OPD services in Moradabad, the unit will be able to serve more patients in the city and nearby region. The hospital has already established itself as a tertiary care facility with its state-of-the-art technology and a blend of the finest medical and surgical skills. During the pandemic, their focus is to cater to people in other cities so that the access to healthcare and thereby quality of life becomes better. The hospital is equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure, operation theatres, highly qualified nursing and support staff along with internationally trained clinicians who are among the best in the country. The focus towards improving the techniques and technologies has made surgeries safe, cost-effective, and at par with world standards. All surgeries will be conducted at Max Hospital, Vaishali while pre and post-operative consults will be provided at the OPD along with consultation and medical advice to patients.


Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal, Senior VP- Operations, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Vaishali said, “At Max Super Specialty Hospital, our endeavour is to equip the common man with relevant information pertaining to lung related issues developing as an after-effect of Covid and our OPDs will offer consultation and encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle. India is seeing an alarming rise in the number of Covid-19 related cases and the global burden of the disease is growing at a shocking rate. Patients beyond the big metros find it difficult to avail world-class robotic thoracic surgeries and often have to incur huge costs in long distance travel. Moreover, time is critical in treating such cases so that further damage to the lungs can be prevented. This OPD is going to be a valuable addition to the healthcare of Moradabad by providing world-class treatment solutions to patients in the city right at their doorsteps.”


Over the past years, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali has been actively working towards offering international standards of healthcare facilities in different regions across the country. The leading healthcare player keeps organizing health-camps, OPDs and screening camps for residents of other regions like Chandausi, Gwalior, Meerut, Kanpur etc. and its neighbouring areas.

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