MaxiVision win accolades for accomplishment of “1000 eyes of SMILES” milestone

Hyderabad: Maxi Vision has won accolades for its successful accomplishment of “1000 eyes of Relex-SMILE’ which is state of the art Technology to correct all Refractive Errors and help gain freedom from Glasses for lifetime. It became as the only hospital in Telangana to have surpassed this landmark.
Mr. Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, Hon’ble speaker of legislative assembly of government of Telangana launched the dry eyes centre in Madhapur, maxivision Hospitals. Mr.K.Keshavarao –Member of Parliament was also present on the occasion.
Speaking on the occasion Sri Pocharam Srinivas reddy – Hon’ble speaker of legislative assembly of government of Telangana said ,Eye is an important organ of the body without which life becomes dark.He appreciated the efforts of Dr.Kasu Prasad reddy for bringing in advanced technology to Hyderabad from across globe and providing quality eye care services for the telugu people .
Speaking on the occasion Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy founder & mentor of Maxi Vision Super Specialty Eye Hospital said team of doctors and their expertise in treating eye problems made Maxi Vision stand out from the crowd as the hospital for next generation with advanced technology and ultramodern facilities. MaxiVision is passionate about the latest technology advances in the world to treat every problem hindering normal vision of the people.
Elaborating more on Successful accomplishment of Relex SMILE, he said that SMILE laser eye surgery for myopia is performed using a VisuMax femtosecond laser, which is proprietary technology of Carl Zeiss Meditec. In the SMILE procedure, the surgeon uses a femtosecond laser to create a small, lens-shaped bit of tissue (lenticule) within the cornea. Then, with the same laser, a small arc-shaped incision is made in the surface of the cornea, and the surgeon extracts the lenticule through this incision and discards it. With the tiny lenticule removed, the shape of the cornea is altered, correcting nearsightedness. The corneal incision heals within a few days without stitches, and sharper vision occurs very quickly.
SMILE laser eye surgery can correct up to -10.00 diopters (D) of nearsightedness. Candidates must be at least 22 years old, have no more than -0.50 D of astigmatism, and their eyeglass prescription must be stable for at least 12 months.
Asked about success of this surgeries, Dr.KP Reddy said, “Success of a Surgeon is all depending on how happy his patients are with his advises and treatments. To advise the best suitable treatment for patients, they also need to be updated about the latest solutions, treatment procedures, and technology happening across the world. Maxivision always have been the forerunner to bring in the best technology and procedures in eye care happening in the world to Hyderabad. Any best technology however advanced it may be, works well with well-trained surgeons. Hence numbers of surgeries performed become a major measuring point for expertise. Our surgeons are extensively trained in all these technologies which are bought to our hospitals. SMILE treatment had been one of the best technologies to give permanent freedom from Glasses and Contact lenses, to those patients who do not qualify for basic Lasik treatment because of their corneal thickness or architecture. We are very happy to achieve this milestone of 1000 eyes and most important 500 patients who are very happily seeing the world now with renewed independent vision’
Dr.Bhanuprakash, Dr.Madhavilatha, who are trained and experienced in this procedure were also present on this occasion.
On this occasion MaxiVision also dedicated its Exclusive DRY EYE CLINIC in its Madhapur branch hospital today. This is the 2nd DRY EYE CLINIC IN THE TOWN OF MAXIVISION GROUP.
Speaking on the occasion Mr.Sudheer, COO of Maxivision Group said: ‘Maxivision is one of the vertical of Trivitron Group of Companies, who are the major Medical Equipment manufacturer group, in India, Finland and Ankara (Turkey). As being pioneers in this field, we do not compromise on technology, and always wish to be seen a step ahead of any other eye care service providers. Maxivision is the only eye hospital in AP and Telangana with 6 Lasik, and Femto lasik technology, SMILE, and also users of various high end Implantable Lenses to correct any form of refractive surgeries. We are in constant pursuit and endeavor to bring the best technology in the world to the group, to give the best visual outcome to all the patients, irrespective of the economic status of the patients. In maxivision we have an array of treatment possibilities to cater to eye care needs to all segments of the society’