McMaster University: McMaster political science department partners with three UK law schools on student exchange opportunity

McMaster’s department of political science and the law schools of the University of Birmingham, the University of Glasgow and the University of Liverpool have partnered to create a new student exchange opportunity.

The initiative targets political science students interested in studying issues related to government and politics from a legal perspective, while also spending either one or two semesters abroad. The exchange program is open to McMaster political science undergraduate students enrolled in two specializations: public law and judicial studies and global citizenship. Students from the three partner institutions can similarly apply to spend a semester on exchange at McMaster.

“This program allows students to immerse themselves in an academic approach that’s different from what they’re used to,” said Greg Flynn, assistant professor of political science and non-practicing lawyer, who played a role in the development of the initiative. “It will also allow for greater collaboration between these two disciplines, which don’t always overlap but should.”

Marshall Beier, undergraduate chair of the department of political science, believes the opportunity would also benefit political science students interested in careers in law or international relations as law schools in the UK offer a broader curriculum than many of their Canadian counterparts. The Faculty of Social Sciences has verified potential courses at the partner schools to ensure that McMaster students’ degree requirements can be met.

“We have experts in our department who focus on law or international relations, but the exchange is an exciting opportunity to learn about these issues in unique ways,” added Beier. “This is a remarkable opportunity, which I wish I’d had the chance to take advantage of during my undergraduate degree.”

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