MDI organises conclave to create awareness against autism

Gurugram: As a CSR initiative Management Development Institute, Gurugram has organised an HR conclave on Corporate Social Responsibility and intellectual Disability ‘in collaboration with PORDAC on 30th June 2017. PORDAC, an NGO which has been working in the field of intellectual Disability since 2009.
The conclave was to address the issues of autism affected people in India. According to a survey, around 2.86 cr people in India are differently abled and 15 lakh of them are mentally handicapped.
The conclave aimed to bring together various stakeholders to discuss the challenges in creating vocational, employment, and rehabilitation opportunities for the differently abled people in the corporate sector.
Prof CP Shrimali, Acting Director, inaugurated the half-day conclave and said getting a job is a part but we develop human being in MDI. He even said, around 1000 students in MDI involved in CSR activities and they learn by doing.
Merry Barua, Director, Action for Autism, said we have to learn a lot from people who are suffering from autism. They have quality to complete their work in time and dedication.
One of the participants, thanked the MDI and PORDAC for organising such conclaves to create positive awareness for autism.
Manjir Gupta, president PORDAC thanked MDI for hosting such type of conclave to create awareness among the corporate groups on autism.
Among the others, Prashnat Solomon, Chairman Chintels India, Sushmita Shekhar, former sec general of PHD Chamber of Commerce, Pankaj Aggarwal, former president South West Delhi Rotary International were present during the conclave.