Media played a vital role in the war against Corona: Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi

Director General of IIMC said in a webinar organized by Patna Women's College



New Delhi : “The Corona virus is an unknown disaster for the whole world. The media has played an important role in making the general public aware of this epidemic. Media personnel have been the leading warriors in this campaign against Corona.” This view was shared by the Director General of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi in the inaugural session of the two-day webinar organized by Patna Women’s College on Tuesday. College Principal, Dr. Sister M Rashmi A.C. and Ms. Minati Chaklanavis, HoD of the Mass Communication Department, also participated.


Expressing his views on the topic ‘Role and Challenges of the Media in the Covid Era’, Prof. Dwivedi said that the media is the medium of empowerment of the common man and it has proved this point in the current calamity situation. By spreading positive news, the media has done the work of making people aware and encouraging them.


According to Prof. Dwivedi, about 51 percent of the people in the whole world are using social media. During the lockdown, social media played an important role in keeping people in touch and communicating. This is the reason that today a large part of the fight against Corona is being fought through this. Social media is working to bring information to those villages where the reach of other communication media is negligible. He said that the slogan ‘Global Village’, which was very popular at the time of the Internet revolution, has come to the fore at the time of this pandemic. Prof. Dwivedi said that the success of democracy depends on the quality of journalism. The media has proven that it is more than just the fourth pillar of democracy, as evidenced by its participation during the Corona transition.


During the webinar, Prof. Dwivedi also answered questions from the students. The program was conducted by Shri Vikas Mishra and the vote of thanks was given by Ms. Ankita.


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