Medical experts of Jammu share string of protection, treatment tips on Corona infection


Jammu: Doctors of Government Medical College & Hospital Jammu, and its Associate Hospitals have been regularly sharing their advice with respect to Covid-19, its treatment and prevention.

The golden rules to protect oneself and one’s family remain the same; wearing mask, frequent hand sanitisation, maintaining social distance and adopting Covid appropriate behaviour as advised by medical experts. Here is a quick summary of what all experts with different specialisations have to say.

Reminding the public the saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’, the Head of Medicine at Government Medical College & Hospital, Dr Vijay Kundal says, “The age old adage also applies to Covid-19 infection and there is no better way to prevent its infection than adopting Covid appropriate behaviour which includes wearing mask, frequent hand sanitisation and keeping distance while in public.”

Dr Kundal suggests for taking a Six Minute Walk Test, a rudimentary exercise to judge if one needs medical help or not. In the test, the subject walks for six minutes, and if his oxygen saturation level falls, either by three percent or below 94, it is time to consult a doctor. Such patients must lie in prone position to restore oxygen saturation quickly.

Likewise, Consultant Microbiology, GMC Jammu, Dr Sandeep Dogra says, ‘the mantra to stay safe amid the second wave of Covid-19 is to double your precaution; wear two masks instead of one and keep distance of do gaz, instead of one, in public’.

Dr Dogra differentiates between the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and RT-PCR and says that if a positive report is obtained from the RAT, the infected person must immediately isolate himself. He says that there is no need to go for further RT-PCR test. ‘On the contrary’, he says, ‘if negative results are obtained from RAT despite having Covid symptoms, one should get an RT-PCR test done’.

Adding to the subject of masks, Senior Consultant, Department of Community Medicine, GMC Jammu, Dr Rakesh Bahl, says that ‘If your mask isn’t covering your nose, it is as good as wearing no mask at all’. He says, Wearing a proper-fit N-95 face mask or, if unavailable, two masks together help provide protection of around 85% effectiveness.

Sharing advice for those monitoring themselves at home, Professor and Head of Department, Chest Disease, GMC Jammu, Dr Rahul Gupta says that one should regularly monitor body temperature and oxygen saturation levels. ‘If oxygen saturation levels are observed to be between 90 and 94, it is a sign of caution. If the levels are below 90, one should immediately approach a doctor’, he says.

Since Covid is affecting mental health as well, Dr Shabnam Rivees, mental health professional from Government Psychiatry Hospital Jammu, advises all to do meditation to relieve stress and anxiety. She says, ‘Covid patients and even their family members should do regular exercise, read books, listen to music and celebrate little joys of life to come out of the agonising days. I believe that if you’re mentally sound and have a positive outlook, you can achieve a healthy body with much ease.”

Giving his expert advice, Surveillance Medical Officer of World Health Organisation, Jammu, Dr Ravinder Pal Singh says that people can ensure prevention from the infection by avoiding three Cs- Crowded spaces, Closed spaces and Close contact. The three can help make or break the chain of transmission of the virus, he claims in his condensed summary.