Medical specialists from across Punjab deliberated with AIIMS experts to strengthen COVID response strategy

Chandigarh: With an aim to further fortify state’s overall strategy to deal with rising Covid 19 threat more effectively, medical specialists from across the state deliberated with AIIMS experts on wide ranging issues including line of treatment, supportive management and testing of the cases.

As many as 92 medical heads of district hospitals, isolation facilities and Govt Medical Colleges on Tuesday took part in a webinar held here in the presence of experts including former PGI Director Dr. KK Talwar besides doctors from AIIMS New Delhi, DMC Hospital and Govt Medical Colleges for Management of Covid-19, the Additional Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan disclosed.

The first of such meeting in the wake of pandemic outbreak would be a continuing feature with the sole aim to ensure best possible medical care, treatment and practices for the patients.

Early lockdown and strict adherence to curfew restrictions have helped Punjab in containing the spread of virus, the expert panel opined adding that there was no time yet to lower our guard. On management of suspected and confirmed Covid-19 cases, it was suggested to pace up the testing number to thwart any instance of sudden rise at a later stage.

The Experts Group, which would be submitting its recommendations based on the discussions before the Chief Minister, expressed satisfaction at the rate of recovery of patients in Punjab which was infact double than the national average.

It may be pointed out that 14 out of 90 patients admitted in Punjab have fully recorded which comes to over 15%, while less than 9% that is 382 out of 4421 cases so far have recovered nationally.

Analysing the state response, experts deliberated on management of suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 reporting to Govt hospitals of the State.

Dr Ambuj, Dr Mohan, Dr Anand from AIIMS with Dr Bishav Mohan, Dr Sandeep Puri and Dr Sarju of DMC Hospital besides Dr Satpal Aloona from GMC Amritsar, and Dr Raminder Sibia of GMC Amritsar completed the expert panel.