Medical students undergo practical training in hospitals in Karelia

Today, out of 1.4 thousand students of the Medical Institute of PetrSU, almost 1.2 thousand are practicing in medical institutions of Karelia. First of all, in polyclinics and central regional hospitals.
Marina Shubina, deputy director of the Medical Institute of PetrSU for undergraduate education, said: And the first, of course, is the outpatient-polyclinic link, polyclinics. However, many hospitals have asked students for help. This is a republican hospital, an emergency hospital, DRB. But mainly polyclinics. Our students also make a great contribution to regional medical institutions. We have a lot of target students, now there are about 400 students who study in a targeted direction and after graduation will go to work in specific hospitals. And, behold, it was they who went to their areas for practical training. Basically, these are CRHs, we get very positive feedback on their work.

For the first-year student of the Medical Institute of PetrSU Ilya Titov is already the third week of practice: I practice in the surgical department, which is adjacent to the cardiological department, that is, we have patients of both directions. While I am helping as a junior medical staff in the direction of “Nursing”. I take care of patients: disinfection of surfaces, sanitization of sleeping places, dosage and distribution of drugs. Today is the first time in the operating room, I haven’t seen blood yet, but there is still time.

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