Medical University of Antigua Announces Up to 30% Scholarships for the NEET Students

New Delhi:With the onset of the COVID-era, the entrance examinations across the country has been hampered. Aspirants who wait for the whole year to prepare and crack these exams are in a mental turmoil. NEET examinations which are held annually around the month of May provides 90,000 seats in MBBS and BDS Colleges in India. This year the exam dates have been postponed to September. The country has seen a nationwide protest where the students have demanded the exam to be held.


Nearly 1.6 million students take the NEET, and another 0.9 m million take JEE. During COVID there are already tremendous hardships in studying and preparation. This is compounded by anxiety and exam fear.

Sudhir Sharma, an Indian who started his career in eighties in UK have come up to help the Indian students. With more and more powerful people coming up the help the people of their country, Mr. Sharma have taken the step to provide up to 30% scholarship to the Indian students in the college with which he is associated i.e Medical University of Antigua announces up to 30% scholarships for the NEET students. He has a keen understanding of the necessity to provide social mobility for future generations to ensure growth. These scholarships will motivate the students of our country to relocate and explore new possibilities in a foreign land. The cost associated with the course at MUA will be at par with fee structure of the Indian medical colleges. This step will ensure a bright future of the medical aspirants of our country. Mr. Sharma initiative can be viewed as a great opportunity for the aspirants who want to pursue medical as a career but have money restraints.


Medical University of Antigua is an international-oriented and diverse university in the beautiful and adventurous city of Antigua on the Caribbean island. Established with a vision for world-class advanced medical education to deliver and facilitate medical aspirants in clinical practice, medicine development, medical & biological research, patient care, healthcare development, etc. The Medical University will be providing scholarships and assistance to the Indian students. The medical course in Antigua keeps pace with the technology and modern methods of teaching. The admissions are strictly merit-based and ensure transparency in the admission process. For more details please drop email – or call +1 (268) 723-3295.


The university follows a US-based medical curriculum and our competent faculty members deliver their best to let the students pragmatically understand medicine through classroom interaction, laboratory experiments, and various research projects.


The curriculum, along with lab and clinical experiences, is designed in a way that will help the students in practicing medicine in the specialty of their choice after they complete their MBBS in Antigua. Students’ knowledge at the University is fueled by the curiosity of the students, the expertise of our experienced professors, modern infrastructure, and hands-on experiences in laboratories and clinical rotations.


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