Meeting of pharmacy students with representatives of the pharmacy organization

On the basis of the Department of Pharmacology, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy, a meeting was held between representatives of the April pharmacy chain with future alumni-pharmacists.
The event was attended by representatives of the April chain of pharmacies, they spoke in detail about the specifics of their organization’s work, the possibility of undergoing industrial practice, working conditions and specialists in demand.

April is a large network of pharmacies in Russia, numbering over 2,000 pharmacy points. The company has existed since 2000 and during this time has covered more than 55 regions of Russia.

The April company has a powerful modernized system of storage and logistics of pharmaceutical goods, its own advertising workshop , a furniture workshop that manufactures, assembles and installs furniture for a federal network of pharmacies.

Students of the 4th and 5th year of the specialty “Pharmacy” of the Medical Institute asked employers questions about wages, the possibility of combining work and training, further training, mentoring system and in-demand competencies.

The April pharmacy chain is already waiting for graduates today to forgive the internship and start working.

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