Meeting of the Academic Council (May)

The main report “On the modernization of educational programs at PetrSU and professional and public accreditation” at the meeting of the Academic Council was made by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs KG Tarasov.
The special importance of the issue of modernization and professional and public accreditation of educational programs of all levels of training, implemented at PetrSU, was noted. Currently, the declared topics have become especially relevant in connection with the development of a new program for the development of the university until 2030 and with participation in the competitive program of strategic academic leadership “Priority-2030”.

In connection with the introduction of new professional standards, the transition to federal state educational standards of higher education of the third generation (FGOS VO 3 ++), the transition to a new model of accounting for admission control figures, which takes into account the presence of professional and public accreditation of educational programs when allocating budget places, as well as in connection with the increased requirements for graduates from leading employers, the task of creating new modern and modernizing existing educational programs at all levels becomes paramount.

The Scientific Council believes that the main directions of transformations of educational programs are content updating, modern educational, methodological and informational support, the development of digital services for students and teachers, modularity and individualization, personnel and material and technical support, network partnerships, practice and project orientation, and also changes in the management system of educational programs.

At PetrSU during 2017–2020 academic year 28 educational programs for bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s degrees have been radically updated. Educational programs have undergone significant changes, primarily in the direction of strengthening their practical and innovative component, as well as strengthening communication with employers. A council of employers has been created; councils of employers of educational programs have been created and operate in educational institutions. The institutes carry out joint work with representatives of specialized organizations and enterprises on modeling curricula, developing regional competencies, organizing practices, independent assessment of the quality of educational activities, and primary accreditation of specialists. Eight educational programs have passed or are undergoing professional public (PSA) and international accreditation in various accreditation centers authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The most important criterion for such accreditation is the involvement of employers in the development of educational programs. It is important to emphasize that all educational institutes of PetrSU are involved in the PAA process.

The portfolio of educational programs offered to applicants is regularly updated. As part of the admissions campaign in 2021, PetrSU will enroll for 6 new bachelor’s programs and 9 new master’s programs, one of which will be implemented in English. In order to develop academic partnership, network programs are being developed, which makes it possible to use joint personnel, material and technical potential, and the competence of partner universities in teaching students. A network program is being implemented with the Mordovian State University named after N.P. Ogareva (MedIn). From the 2021/2022 academic year, PetrSU will start implementing network educational programs with the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (FTI), Ukhta State Technical University (IMIT), Syktyvkar State University named after I. Pitirim Sorokin (IIL) and the Murmansk Arctic State University (IPP, IF, IIPSN). Networking programs with the St. Petersburg State University (IEP), the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (IFKSiT) and the Bukhara Medical Institute (MedIn) are under development.

The Scientific Council noted that great attention in the modernization process is paid to the development of digital services for all participants in the educational process.

Thanks to the constant updating of the Educational portal of PetrSU, training of teachers in digital competencies, the coordinated work of UMU, RCNIT and educational institutions of PetrSU, it was possible to quickly organize distance learning during a pandemic.