Meeting on the Arctic Demography Index project

A regular working meeting on the Arctic Demography Index international project, implemented within the framework of the Arctic Council, was held online.
The participants in the Arctic Demography Index project from Russia include Petrozavodsk State University, Canada – Laval University and Norway – Northern University. PetrSU acts as the leading university of this project, the scientific leader of the project is Doctor of Political Sciences M.A. Pitukhina, Professor of the Department of Foreign History, Political Science and International Relations, PetrSU. The project is being implemented on the basis of the PetrSU Budget Monitoring Center.

The meeting from the Center for Budget Monitoring of PetrSU was attended by Professor V.A. Gurtov, Leading Researcher M.A. Pitukhina, head of department I.S. Stepus, leading programmer V.A. Sidorov, leading specialist A.V. Simakova and specialist A. Averyanov; from Laval University – Professor Gerard Duheim, researcher Karen Everett; from Northern University – Ph.D. Andrey Mineev.

In her opening remarks, Maria Pitukhina informed the project participants about the progress of the Arctic Demography Index project activities , agreed by the participants at the first meeting in March 2021.

Among the issues discussed at the June meeting were the issues of visualization of demographic indicators and data presentation formats.

Vitaly Sidorov presented the visualization of demographic indicators of the Arctic provinces and municipalities of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia using Power BI technologies.

Infographic materials are placed on five tabs with dynamic visualization for the period 2010-2019. and comparison capabilities at the regional and municipal level.

Some of the materials for visualization are presented both in the form of diagrams (for the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North) and in cartographic performance (for population density).

During the presentation of data visualization from the side of Canadian and Norwegian colleagues, there were a large number of questions both about the content of the presented content and the form of its presentation.

When discussing the development of the project, Professor Gerard Duheim noted the complex structure of demographic indicators in Canadian statistics and the need to clarify the structure of the databases used in Power BI visualization. Andrey Mineev drew attention to the lack of data on the indigenous peoples of the North (Sami) and the need to separate urban and rural municipalities in the analysis of demographic indicators.

At the end of the meeting, M.A. Pitukhina proposed to hold the next meeting on the Arctic Demography Index project in September 2021.


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