Meeting with a researcher from the University of Valencia (Spain)

A meeting-conference of students and teachers of PetrSU with the Doctor of English Philology of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) Inés Lozano-Palacio took place.
The online lecture focused on irony as a figure of speech, in particular, on the coding of irony both within one ethnic culture and in an intercultural aspect.

According to the researcher, irony and the possibility of its implementation as a stylistic phenomenon are closely related to the socio-historical, ethnocultural context. In her scientific report, Ines Lozano-Palacio presented and described in detail various socio-cultural factors that limit the interpretation of irony, identified their place in the study of this phenomenon based on cognitive modeling.

Feedback from the participants of the meeting-conference:

O. L. Shestak, teacher of the secondary school № 36 with in-depth study of foreign languages ​​in Petrozavodsk:

It was with great pleasure and interest that I took part in an online meeting with a Spanish researcher, Doctor of English Philology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The theme of irony is very close to me, tk. I often come into contact with it in my practical activities: analysis of literary and artistic texts, media sources. Therefore, the relevant information that I received, new facts, fresh data will be very useful to me. This enriches, expands the philological horizons, creates motivation for further activities.

M.S. Staton, lecturer at the University of Maryland (USA):

I am very glad to have the opportunity to get acquainted with an interesting, alternative concept of irony, look at this phenomenon from the other side, expand my ideas, get a charge of positive emotions and a whole “baggage” of new information.

The scientific event was organized by the joint efforts of the English Debate Club of PetrSU “Debaters Today, Leaders Tomorrow” (L.N. Yusupova and T.M. languages ​​of PetrSU, Ph.D., S.R.Nedbailik and Chairman of the Student Scientific Society of PetrSU A.A.Malyshko).

Link to the video of the meeting.

Regular online meetings with world-class foreign lecturers will be held every Tuesday during the month. Follow the news on social networks SNO and the English Debate Club of PetrSU, practice your English and broaden your scientific horizons.

Speaker details:
Ines Lozano-Palacio is a linguist-researcher known abroad. Her research interests include cognitive linguistics, pragmatics and literary theory. Her scientific work is mainly focused on the study of the means of creating linguistic and speech imagery, including irony. Articles, essays, monographs by I.L. Palazio has been published in prestigious international journals and book series such as Metaphor and Symbol (Taylor and Francis), Cognitive Semantics (Brill), Figurative Thought and Language (John Benjamins). Dr. Lozano-Palacio has made more than 20 reports at international conferences in the USA, China, Hungary, and Russia. She has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Helsinki (Finland), the LATTICE Laboratory in Paris (France) and the University of Genoa (Italy).

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