Mega HR Conclave at JK Business School – “The Future Workforce Reset – 2021 and Beyond”

  Delhi, NCR- Embracing the new normal, JK Business School (JKBS), a leading B-School in the country and a member of the prestigious JK Organisation which has a legacy of 135+ years of contribution to the Indian economy and the education sector, organised its much-awaited HR Conclave virtually this year. An annual tradition at JKBS, every year the B-School organizes HR Conclave and brings top HR professionals on a single platform that deliberate insightful sessions on various aspects of the HR industry. The theme for this year conclave was – “The Future Workforce Reset – 2021 and Beyond”. The mega conclave saw participation by 500+ eminent corporate personalities, industry, academia and student community. Bridging the gap between industry and academia, this conclave gave students an opportunity to gain industry insights from renowned industry dignitaries and their views on the current trends.

The conclave witnessed well-known HR experts from various industries which include Yuvaraj Srivastava, CHRO, MakeMyTrip, Gopal A. Iyer, Associate Director, EY GDS GigNow, Harjeet Khanduja, VP HR, Reliance Jio, Prriti Narain, Market HR Leader, Google India, Rajiv Kapoor, ED and CEO – Group, Head HR, UNO MINDA and Vishal Sehgal, MD, Nischay EduCorp. The conclave was inaugurated with the director’s Prof Sanjiv Marwah speech followed by a welcome address by keynote speaker Rajiv Kapoor, ED and CEO – Group, Head HR, UNO MINDA along with opening remarks by individual panelist, open discussion of the panel, Q&A round followed by vote of thanks.

Addressing the conclave, Prof. Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School said, “Technology has changed the paradigm of the business, its pace of acceleration has baffled most business processes and learning, training & HR function is no different. From sources of hiring, selection programmes to industrial training every process has seen a new way of conduction. Thus, it is very important for every organisation to bet big on technology and online way of functioning as it is not a mere replacement but here to stay for long.”

Welcoming the panelist, Ms. Sonia Arora, CRC Head, JK Business School said, “The year 2020 was filled with many challenges and emphasized the need for companies to establish new codes in every area including recruitment and talent acquisition. Current talent pool requires more soft skills, with analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities who are flexible and agile. With this thought it gives us immense pleasure in hosting this year’s HR conclave virtually while embracing the new normal.”

For the success of any organisation, it is important to build a healthy working environment and emphasising on the same, Mr. Rajiv Kapoor, ED and CEO – Group, Head HR, UNO MINDA said, “Time is difficult, many organizations are still in the process to adjust to the new normal. Only those organisations will be able to survive in the near future which are ready to expect the unexpected and have targeted teams to deal with the crisis. It is necessary for organisations to employ best practices, perfect amalgamation of technology and bet big on employee wellbeing and welfare rather than just profit and business to stay relevant in the times to come.”

With concepts like diversity and inclusion becoming an integral part of an organisation Mr. Yuvaraj Srivastava, CHRO, MakeMyTrip said, “It is very important for organisations to redefine diversity and inclusion in the new normal. With the outreached of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new dimension is added to D&I, i.e. changing demographics while some people are working from home, some are operating from offices and some from the market. Thus, handling this new dimension of diversity along with previously defined pillars will define the success of the organisation.”

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the way organisations function has also changed drastically, commenting on the future of the workplace, Mr. Gopal A. Iyer, Associate Director, EY GDS GigNow, said, “The world of working is changing faster than at any time in history. For the businesses of tomorrow, it is very important to embrace the new normal and reimagine the various codes and ethics in order to grow and evolve.”

Moderating the session and giving students a detailed perspective to the current industry norms, Mr. Vishal Sehgal, MD, Nischay EduCorp, said, “The year went by with drastic changes in the way we function. As we enter a new landscape in 2021, the shift to digital will become more significant as companies seek to transform in the face of new challenges, leveraging data to enhance practices, deliver value and create alignment with a deep-dive focus on outside/in approach. As challenging as it seems, this is an exciting time to be in HR if challenge, innovation and personal growth interests you.”

Adding to the key requirements for the future of the workforce, Mr. Harjeet Khanduja, VP HR, Reliance Jio, said, “For an organisation to be future-ready, it must be ready at present first. Thus, it is vital for every individual & organisation to be adaptable, flexible and agile with time.”

Concluding the discussion, Ms. Prriti Narain, Market HR Leader, Google India, said “2020 was a defining year for businesses, as a responsible entity it is very important for organizations to take data-driven decisions, promote work-life balance and consider mental and physical wellbeing as the top priority.”

The event witnessed an open discussion on “The Future Workforce Reset – 2021 and Beyond” between the speakers and HR heads of various companies in search of right strategies to embrace the new normal and future of work. The resoundingly successful event gave students of JKBS a chance to personally interact with the speakers and the esteemed audience, giving them an opportunity to experience industry trends up close and making them industry ready.