Mercer|Mettl is helping universities get examination online amidst Covid- 19

Gurgaon: As schools, universities and other educational institutions are shut to comply with social distancing and mobility lockdown measures, education and examinations have taken a massive toll. At a time when educational institutions are resorting to postponing their examinations or making changes to their current internship and learning plans, Mercer | Mettl is offering a range of digital solutions for education and learning continuity.

Mercer | Mettl’s assessment technology provides a platform to conduct term and entrance examinations, summer internship assessments for final year students, scholarship assessments and quizzes and offer certifications that are currently being leveraged by over 150+ institutions the likes of which are ISB, Ashoka University, Amity University, Bennett University and IIM Bangalore, among others. These virtual platforms have found numerous takers in the past with the government’s increased emphasis on transforming India into a digital economy, but with the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a 70-80% rise in the demand for such platforms.

According to Mercer’s Higher Education Spot Survey for COVID-19, 91% of respondents said that increased use of virtual learning for students and faculty will be a long-term impact on educational institutions and their workforces. Sharing his thoughts, Siddhartha Gupta, CEO, Mercer | Mettl, said, “Triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic, the education sector is grappling with enormous challenges of securing the future of students, ensuring continuous learning and education and coming up with new solutions to bring back on track its examination processes and schedule. This comes as a huge opportunity and great learning for the industry to explore virtual platforms and digital solutions to overcome such contingencies and make a positive impact going into the future.”

Universities, globally, can conduct these examinations virtually on digital platforms in a secure, credible, authentic, and scalable manner from anywhere, anytime. Only last year, Mercer | Mettl succeeded in conducting 1 lakh+ proctored assessments in a day and its robust systems are adept at hosting multiple universities and students simultaneously. The organization caters to all education continuity needs with its wide array of online assessment and remote proctoring products, which are:

· Online Examination Platform: With Mercer | Mettl, universities from around the world can conduct high-stakes exams securely in a cost-effective, scalable and credible manner. The digital platforms are pre-configured with online proctoring and ensure end-to-end exam management from test creation to real-time reporting, complete with a dedicated admin dashboard for detailed analytics and log and video recording.

· Remote Proctoring: The students can appear for online exams from anywhere, anytime, remotely proctored by AI-led auto or manual proctors. These exams are highly secure and credible owing to the platform’s comprehensive anti-cheating solutions that feature 3-point candidate authentication and a fully customizable safe browser.

· Integration with your Existing System: The online exam platform and remote proctoring services can also be easily integrated into the existing examination platform or the Learning Management System (LMS) of the university.

Given the current lockdown and uncertainty in the short and medium-term, most educational institutes are moving (or have already moved) online. The first task at hand for these institutes, including schools, is to maintain continuity in education. Assessments are the natural next step and Mercer | Mettl’s digital solutions offer reliable, credible and auditable assessments not just for now but also for the future.