Metal mania at IIT Kharagpur!

Kharagpur: COMPOSIT, The largest fest of metallurgical engineering and material sciences in the country, is back. The 24th edition of the technical fest, is all set to be held at IIT Kharagpur from 10th to 12th March 2017
and promises to be bigger and better than ever.
The Congress of Metallurgical Professionals involving Students, Industry and Teachers or COMPOSIT, organized annually by the IIT Kharagpur Chapter of the Society of Metallurgical Engineers(SME) has been
fostering interactions, invoking innovations and conferring the budding engineers of India with unparalleled opportunities and technical exposure in addition to great experiences and lots of fun ever since it’s first edition was held back in the year of 1994. Over the years, COMPOSIT has continued to attract a growing mass of student participants, college and
school students alike from all over the country, who make their way to the hallowed campus grounds of the oldest IIT in the country and immerse themselves in the intense contests, spectacular presentations and nerve-wracking quizzes. And with lots of prize money and a unique opportunity to interact with famed researchers and industry professionals in their fields of interest on offer, COMPOSIT proves itself to be something not to be missed.
Prof. G.G.Roy, Head of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering department said, “At COMPOSIT we aim to encourage the young and enthusiastic metallurgists from all over the country to showcase their
talent. It also gives them an opportunity of a lifetime to interact with the stalwarts in the field who share their expertise.” The major events of the fest include the two flagship events, “Technova” and “MetalloMania”, the
Technical Paper and Poster Presentations which have been spearheading the fest from it’s inception. Other events include the Robotics championship for all the robotics enthusiasts, Techincal and Business Case Study Competitions, for the strategists. For the quizzers of India from all walks of life, there is a lineup of three quizzes, the BizQuiz, MetaQuiz and EngiQuiz, with questions sure to test the mettle of even the best. The analysts are not to be left behind with Excavate, the Data Analytics event
and neither are the orators, with Meta Speak, the extempore fight-off. Debanjan Nayak, Student Co-ordinator(SME) & Executive Head, COMPOSIT’17 underlined that, “COMPOSIT is the best technical platform for young engineers from all over India to showcase their
actual talent and zeal.”
The fest is all set to be graced with eminent guests who will be guiding and inspiring the bright minds in the audience through the Guest Lectures as well as deliberate on the current trends and challenges through the Panel Discussion. Dignitaries from previous editions include eminent personalities such as Padma Shri Awardee and Former Director of BARC, Dr. Srikumar Banerjee, Padma Bhusan awardee and Former Vice President, TATA Steel, B Muthuraman along with other leaders and pioneers.
Apart from the on-site events, COMPOSIT holds various online events in the days following up to the fest. These include the heavily contested online quiz event Enigma and the two new ones being introduced in the newest edition, Metaclix and Metascript, the online photography and article writing competitions, respectively. COMPOSIT also witnesses workshops of all flavors, with previous editions of the fest hosting workshops on topics ranging from 3D Printing to Wildlife Conservation, which are held by organizations of international fame like Humane Society International. This year there are many more nerve-breaking workshop sessions ranging from cyber security and ethical hacking to robotics.
 “COMPOSIT has grown to be a platform for bringing out and nurturing that spark present in each one of us. COMPOSIT-2017 will carry this forward”, said Swapnil Morankar, Media and Publicity Head & Events
Co-ordinator, COMPOSIT’17. So, buckle up and visit for regular updates as Metal Mania is set to hit!