Mexoxo launches (SHE is Digital India) to Upskill Indian Women

New Delhi : Mexoxo, a global non-profit organization announced an upskilling program on emerging markets and job trends. The program is designed to empower Indian women with skills for their professional development. According to Harvard Political Review, it is estimated that 10 million young girls in India have dropped out of school due to the pandemic. Mexoxo aims to fill this gap and provide an opportunity of acquiring knowledge and skills for young women to compete in the employment market. Through this program, the organization aims to touch five million lives by 2030.


(Elpida, CEO & Founder, Mexoxo) said, “We are pleased to launch this program in India and support women unleash their potential and overcome their fears in personal as well as professional life. We believe that investing in a girl’s education is one of the most transformative development strategies and we prioritize efforts that enable all girls to complete secondary education and develop the knowledge and skills they need for life and work.”


The program created to support aspiring young women professionals in building their professional as well as soft skills and also aims to create more stable communities, improve the economy, and aid in reducing poverty. The integrated program will cater to the human side of the recruiting process, like cultural fit, growth potential and emotional quotient, in addition to providing industry exposure, networking, and mentoring opportunities.


The program has been structured in three phases – recruitment, education, and supporting activities. All interested women will be assessed on their English skills, motivation to enter the program, and their commitment to complete the program. The skilling sessions will include 40 hours course on the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google Digital Garage and other complementary short courses on customer support, online advertising for businesses and analytics.


During the program, special activities and events will also be conducted to ensure that the participants take full advantage of this learning opportunity for their growth and gain a deeper industry understanding and develop the new-age soft skills that will increase their employability. Mexoxo’s in-house #BreakYourCeiling coaching sessions is one such program designed to build the skills, resilience, boldness, and self-motivation among young women as they prepare to enter new and unknown endeavours.


Participants will be provided with certificates upon successful completion of the course at a virtual graduation ceremony in the presence of inspirational speakers, experts and famous local content creators. Additionally, in collaboration with the digital community and career consultants, assistance will be offered to the graduates to identify and pursue relevant career opportunities.


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