Meyer launches Accent, a collection of mixed-materials designer cookware

New Delhi: At Meyer, we want to help people everywhere feel inspired to explore the wonders of the kitchen. Behind this philosophy is a motley crew of food-nerd designers, engineers, and researchers, known as Meyer Labs. Driven by human-centered design principles, Meyer Labs’ mission and passion is to solve problems you didn’t even know you had. Their designs celebrate the fascinations in the subtleties of the cooking process: from the way food transforms as it hits the burning hot pan, to the simmering of boiling liquids, and to the way soup pours out from the pan to the bowl.

That’s where the Meyer’s direct-to-consumer cookware collection, Accent Series comes in. With its thoughtful design details, Accent was created to make those fleeting moments in cooking we’ve rarely paid attention to more memorable. Not only is it stunning, with matte black finishes and a touch of gold – it is also fiercely practical and highly unique. Nowhere else will you find this rare mix of heavy-duty stainless steel pots paired perfectly alongside ultra-durable nonstick pans.

Curious what the Accent Series includes? We knew you would be.

● 6 Piece Essential Set

Our minimalist manifesto. Built to meet all your cooking needs with the fewest possible pieces, it’s the most adaptable, high-performing, and beautiful set we could dream up, fit for every meal.

● Ultra-Durable Nonstick Frypan

This pan’s wide, deep design is perfect for making more pancakes, eggs, or bacon slices at one time.

● Ultra-Durable Nonstick Chef’s Pan

A true powerhouse — with its wonderfully versatile shape, it can stir-fry, braise, stew, deep-fry, sear, and more.

● Ultra-Durable Nonstick Saucepan

Whether you’re whipping up instant ramen or heating up sauces, this saucepan’s rounded rim gives you a drip-free pour every time.

● Stainless Steel Stockpot

Prep all your stews, stocks, and soups with this handy kitchen companion.

● Stainless Steel Sauté Pan
Designed for a mouth-watering sear, its wide cooking surface and tall side walls can also hold huge amounts of food.

● Stainless Steel Steamer Insert
Ideal for steamed veggies, fish, and even pudding. Plus, it doubles as a strainer.