MICA and Results & Outcomes partner to build an Industry first – Advanced Digital Transformation Program (ADTP)

Designed and Delivered by Professionals who are experts in their respective fields, along with global thought leaders, in partnership with academicians ~ An Intensive 45-Week Course Designed To Provide Real World Application and A Career Changing Experience ~ ~ Enrolment Open To Working Professionals From Across Industries ~

New Delhi: MICA – India’s premier institute for Strategic Marketing and Communications, is partnering with Results & Outcomes, for a radical career changing course for working professionals. The new course is called Advanced Digital Transformation Program (ADTP) and is a path breaking course that professionals must consider if they want to bring about a dynamic shift in their careers. Results and Outcomes is a new Ed-tech venture created by industry practitioners with deep expertise in Media & Entertainment, Technology, Digital Marketing and driving digital transformation.

With the launch of the ADTP, MICA continues its legacy of creating world class education programs. This is not just another digital program, loaded with theoretical knowledge, but is an advanced and intensive 45-week course for working professionals, delivered by a faculty comprising of 100% experienced professionals, who are experts in their respective fields.

The course pedagogy has been designed by leading academicians from MICA in close collaboration with leading industry professionals from Results & Outcomes, with the aim to build a unique learning experience that combines a sound theoretical foundation with equal emphasis on real world application.

Industry leaders such as CMO and Category Head, Vedantu – Ms. Shivani Suri, Consumer Experience and Customer Lifecycle Management expert – Vani Garg, Leader in consumers insights and market research – Hemant Mehta, Technology & Digital Transformation Specialist – Ashish Bansali, Investor and Founder in Media Tech and Edu Tech – Mr. Tarun Katial and Digital Marketing & Media Specalist – Mr. Anand Chakravarthy, are some of the names that are a part of the faculty.

In addition, during the course, industry specialists and thought leaders from different domains will conduct webinars on allied Digital Transformation topics ranging from – Data Privacy laws, Applications of Blockchain, Leveraging the power of CDPs and navigating a Cookie less digital world. Some of the speakers would include CEO Optimove – Pini Yakuel, CEO and Founder PIWIK PRO – Maciej Zawadzinski, Lead IP/Technology/M&E & Data Protection, Nishith Desai Associates – Ms Gowree Gokhale, amongst others.

A significant amount of effort has been put into designing the learning experience keeping in mind the need for working professionals to balance work with studying. The ADTP course will ensure an in-depth and application-oriented experience aided by a uniquely designed pedagogy. Through the course students will collaborate, exchange perspectives and engage with both faculty and each other to create a truly enriching experience.

Tarun Katial, Investor and Founder in Media Tech and Edu Tech said, “The modern-day setting that we find ourselves in has only catalysed the pressing need to go digital. Today working professionals must upskill their knowledge and break new grounds using the new technology. With this course we are bringing a series of wide-ranging topics in a manner that is easy to understand and having them taught by some of the best professionals in the industry will keep them abreast of the latest happenings. Add to that, it is extremely important to impart as much practical knowledge, that prepares them for the real world. Together with MICA we have designed the ADTP to help such professionals learn about digital transformation and its applications in business. Unlike other courses, it provides a 360% learning process which will empower professionals to gain the required skill set by gaining practical industry knowledge from 100% seasoned faculty members/practitioners.”

Dr. Shailendra Raj Mehta, President & Director, MICA, said, “Digital transformation is the norm of today, and consumers are fast adapting to the opportunities digitalization is opening up. MICA has adopted digital transformation as the core of all its strategies, programmes and activities. There can be no better time to launch an advanced certificate programme in digital business transformation. The ADTP is designed with seasoned Industry leaders to address the challenges faced by the M&E industry, in particular and other industries, in general.  This will certainly aid the transition for working professionals, empowering them with the required skill sets and practical application knowledge, ensuring they thrive in this digitally transforming world.”

Preeti Shroff, Dean, MICA, “The MICA community is delighted to launch ADTP program in collaboration with leading industry professionals and partners. This program combines cutting-edge theory, industry practices, and skills learning for working professionals in India and worldwide. The digital disruption and transformation needs are forcing brands and businesses to rethink marketing strategies, data analytics, and customer relationship management. The changing ways of digital and data governance, industry and brand management, global operations, adoption of new technology, and disrupting legacy systems require a workforce capable of driving this change from within the organization. The program learning will empower participants with futuristic theoretical models, required skill sets, and practical industry applications ensuring that they thrive in this digitally transforming world that requires essential life skills – combining hard, soft and deep skills.”