Michelin will celebrate its 20th global design competition, Michelin Challenge Design, in 2020

Bhubaneswar: Michelin will celebrate its 20th global design competition, Michelin Challenge Design, in 2020 by linking the past to the future of sustainable mobility. The 2020 Michelin Challenge Design theme – Upcycle – will challenge the entrants to take inspiration from previously recognized works over the past two decades.

“The world is pursuing a circular economy, which does more with less by using fewer resources and raw materials in the production of solutions for the societal, environmental and economic challenges of our time,” said Nicholas Mailhiot, chairman of Michelin Challenge Design.

To recognize the role of design in sustainable mobility, artists, designers, engineers, architects, urban planners, futurists or teams are invited to take inspiration from one or more of 300 previously recognized Michelin Challenge Design entries.

Entrants will visually communicate how their repurposed Upcycle design increases societal, environmental or economic value.

Three winners will be honored at a private reception during the Movin’On Summit, from 3 to 5 June 2020, in Montreal, where their winning entries will be displayed, and design portfolios reviewed by Michelin Challenge Design jurors and top designers from the auto industry.

“To move toward a circular economy, we are all challenged to find a second life or purpose beyond reusing and recycling. Deepening the integration of design into the Movin’On global sustainable mobility summit through Upcycle is an ideal way to celebrate our 20th Michelin Challenge Design,” said Mike Marchand, partnerships director, Sustainable Development & Mobility.

Created by Michelin in 2001 to encourage and recognize young designers around the world, Michelin Challenge Design has become one of the most prestigious global design competitions. The program’s jury members are made up of advanced design leaders for major mobility producers and recently have been joined by experts from the global sustainable mobility community.

Through the first 19 challenges, Michelin has received more than 14,000 entries from 134 countries.

Previous Michelin Challenge Design themes have included Electrification (2010), Lightweighting (2013), Autonomous and Semiautonomous Vehicles (2014), Mobility for All (2016), and Inspiring Mobility in Megacities (2019).

The growth and success of the Michelin Challenge Design program is due to the relevant themes and the continued support of the global design community, our jurors, and the Movin’On Summit.

Recent winners and finalists have included entries from: South Korea, India, United Kingdom, Russia, Algeria, United States, Italy, Germany, Columbia, France, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Czech Republic, Australia, Indonesia, Belgium, Turkey, Mexico, Albania and Bahrain.