MicroMoney’s Multicountry, Multilanguage Marketing Campaign Circles The Globe

Singapore: One thousand news stories published, 12 conferences attended, 70 advisors attracted and thousands of hours spent in meetings – paid for with 12.7 percent of attracted funds – is what it took for MicroMoney Intl., a global fintech and social lending services provider, to generate $1.3 million in ongoing private sale, the first significant milestone of its $30 million token swap.

On a mission to change the stars for 2 billion unbanked adults on the planet, MicroMoney faces a Goliath task of conducting a multi-country, multi-language campaign across 140 countries. Spearheaded by omnipresent and hardcharging MicroMoney co-founder Anton Dzyatkovskiy, the face and the voice of MicroMoney, the campaign thus far has engulfed broadcast, print and online media, spilled over into social networks, rolled out some BTL activities for good measure, and activated several joint marketing and PR programs with MicroMoney partners.

A two-year-old business headquartered in Singapore, MicroMoney operates in Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri-Lanka with its multilingual call center located in Bangkok. Currently valued at $1.85 million, MicroMoney provides social lending services with no collateral or paper-based document requirements. World Bank’s Global Financial Initiative estimates that over 2 billion adults, almost a third of Earth’s population, have never been banked in their lives. The most affected regions are Asia, Africa, and Latin America where about 65% to 80% of the adult population is unbanked. These countries, and the G7 region that is home to many media outlets, is the geography that the campaign is focused on.

“The goal of our campaign is to communicate MicroMoney’s message to literally two billion people,” said Anton Dzyatkovsky, MicroMoney co-founder. “With the help of our team and strategic partners, we are executing this strategy with ultimate frugality and maximum effectiveness, as we can tell from early private sale results.”

MicroMoney’s 30-day AMM token distribution campaign launches October 18th, 2017. With the face value of $1, the maximum quantity of 60,000,000 AMM tokens will be issued and all the unsold tokens will be destroyed after the campaign finishes. For more information or to register your exchange please visit: https://micromoney.io/