Microsoft announces ‘Career Coach’ in Microsoft Teams for Education, powered by LinkedIn

New Delhi: The events of the past year have had an immense and likely long-lasting impact on the global economy, the job market, and education systems. Last year, Microsoft and LinkedIn committed to an ambitious goal of helping 25 million job seekers around the globe get the skills they need to land a job in the digital economy. Recently, they exceeded that goal, reaching over 30 million people, of which close to 3 million are from India—but there is still a lot more to do, especially for higher education students. To be successful, students not only need the right skills, but also insights into the job market in their fields as well as guidance from connections and peers.


To support higher education students and institutions with workforce readiness, Microsoft has announced ‘Career Coach’ in Microsoft Teams for Education, powered by LinkedIn. Career Coach will provide personalized guidance for higher education students and help them navigate their career journey. It will be available to higher education institutions to offer to their students beginning from May 2021.


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