Microsoft and IIT Roorkee collaborate to underscore the promise of quantum computing

New Delhi: Reinforcing its commitment to help introduce new technologies to academia, Microsoft Garage India has partnered with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee to conduct lectures on quantum computing for a full semester. IIT’s B.Tech and M.Tech students can choose the course as a pool elective. The course, which has been structured by IIT Roorkee and Microsoft, will provide the students, access to Q# Programming Language practical examples, Microsoft Quantum Development Kit and Microsoft Quantum Faculty.

Quantum computing has taken a big leap in drawing attention from the student community with its power to solve intricate challenges in no time. Students today are aware of quantum computing’s ability to run a myriad of conflicting parameters and variables at a pace that is unparalleled. This, however, also begets the need to provide this body of emerging programmers with direct access to quantum programming in course of their education. Microsoft’s quantum computing program which has been running for more than 15 years, helps students understand the technology, develop practical applications, and build the quantum workforce of the future. Microsoft experts will provide engineers at IIT Roorkee a unique approach to learn quantum computing with real-world experiments and access to tools.

Commenting on the partnership, Reena Dayal, Director, Microsoft Garage India said, “This collaboration between Microsoft Garage and IIT Roorkee represents another step towards empowering students to create futuristic innovations. With Microsoft’s experience in the field of quantum computing, we aim to make the technology more accessible and enhance the learning journey of engineering students. The partnership will create a new learning experience for students and help them build impacting solutions.”

Expressing his views on this partnership Prof Ajit K. Chaturvedi – Director IIT Roorkee said “I look forward for this collaboration between Microsoft Garage and IIT Roorkee, as it is a great opportunity for our institute and students to grow and learn through this quantum computing program. We believe that together we will be able to deliver and achieve our respective goals.”
Microsoft aims to enable students across the world to foster innovation and craft solutions for real-time challenges. Our initiatives provide students with practical experience, expert guidance and mentorship which empowers them to achieve more. Microsoft Garage India has been closely working with academia to provide students access to new technologies and encouraging them to innovate aggressively, learn through practice, and build creatively.