Mike Boxem appointed Professor of Cellular and Systems Developmental Biology

As of December 1st, Mike Boxem was appointed Professor of Cellular and Systems Developmental Biology at the Department of Biology. In recent years, Boxem has received several grants, including the prestigious Vidi and Vici grants and funding for the international Marie Curie ITN network PolarNet . Boxem is an expert in the use of systems and quantitative imaging approaches to study the molecular networks that control the specialisation of cells and tissues.

Mike Boxem is an expert on the important animal model C. elegans. He is internationally well known for his work in developing CRISPR/Cas9-based genome engineering techniques for this animal model. He has an impressive international network and makes an important contribution to the Science for Life domain within the strategic theme Life Sciences of Utrecht University.

Education and governance
Boxem has extensive teaching experience, not only as a lecturer but also as coordinator of the Honours Programme of Molecular Life Sciences. He also plays an important role in governance at various levels of the university, as chairman of the Biology Departmental Advisory Committee, chairman of the Faculty Council at the Faculty of Science, and chairman of the Science for Life Young Investigators Forum.

Mike Boxem
Mike Boxem obtained his PhD from Utrecht University, based on research he conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in the USA. After several years of research in Boston, he returned to Utrecht University in 2008, first as Assistant Professor and since 2017 as Associate Professor. To date, he has supervised seven PhD candidates and three Postdocs.