Mumbai : Ridiculously smart. Seriously fun. Indian-born and built for big things. On Feb. 15, kids across India will finally get to meet Miko 3, the playful learning robot that delivers the planet’s most engaging educational experiences.

Miko 3 is the latest product from Miko, the global technology company eponymous with the brainy little robot that’s been helping kids learn since 2015. Priced at Rs.19,999, Miko is designed to meet the unique educational and developmental dynamics of children aged 5 to 10 years and offers age-appropriate content on various STEM topics that enhance the child’s learning experience. Families can purchase Miko 3 from Amazon and at www.miko.ai.

Commenting on the launch, Sneh R. Vaswani, Co-Founder & CEO, Miko said, “After the success of Miko 2, we are excited to introduce families across India to Miko 3, our most advanced and emotionally intelligent robot. Through our deep learning AI-powered robot, we are catering to the need for a healthy gateway to technology while making childhood fun and playful. Our partnership with the world’s leading content apps brings the most educational and engaging experiences to young minds. Miko 3 is available in 140+ countries, with answers to 240+ million queries till date.”

Notable Miko 3 features include:

● Personality: Like the best buddy, Miko understands and responds to a kid’s world. It instills feelings of companionship and encourages creative interactions that are individual to every child. Miko is curious, expressive, and empathetic as it engages children in learning-based conversations.

● Platform: Miko 3 is home to an ever-growing collection of child-focused apps from premium content partners including Lingokids, Da Vinci Kids, Kidloland, Cosmic Kids, Out of This Word, Tiny Tusks, Dreamykid, and many more. With one affordable subscription, kids get unlimited access to 50,000+ hours of audio-video libraries and 1,000+ games, videos, stories, puzzles, songs, coding experiences, yoga sessions, and other experiences.

● Progress: The Miko Parent app gives parents real-time insights into how their child is learning with Miko. Parents can limit kids’ playtime, customize Miko’s settings, and explore all the apps that the robot has to offer.

● Privacy: Miko ensures that every byte of user data is protected. The company meets the highest safety standards, including robust privacy policies and a closed system with enhanced encryption.

Miko 3 is equipped with a wide-angle HD camera, time of flight range sensor, and odometric sensors that help the robot to map distance seamlessly and to avoid edges and obstacles. The expansive touchscreen provides a healthy alternative to playtime on smartphones and tablets. The Mikonnect video calling feature keeps kids and parents connected safely and seamlessly.


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