Mind Wars expands to regional Indian language – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Bangla, and Kannada

Hyderabad: Mind Wars is a thoughtfully curated initiative launched in April 2019 by ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited with an integrated app on the Zee5 platform to create India’s largest knowledge database for kids in the schooling age group. Mind Wars aims to change the perception of knowledge being drab and boring by making it fun, interesting, shareable, and gamifiable.

Cementing its vision of redefining ways to enhance knowledge that Makes India Smarter; Mind Wars expands its language portfolio in 6 native languages- Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Bangla, and Kannada in addition to Hindi and English.

The content available in the native language on the Mind Wars app strengthens knowledge for students across multiple topics. As a result, it offers a fair chance for every student irrespective of their school/ language to compete against their peers on a national platform and also get an opportunity to be a part of the TV Quiz show eventually.

Speaking on the success of Mind Wars, Umesh Kr Bansal, Sr. Vice President, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, commented, “2020 has been an exciting year with new challenges, developments and initiatives for students on the Mind Wars platform. With the content translation in 6 more languages in addition to English and Hindi, we aim to maximize connect with students across our country and enable learning with no language barriers.”


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