Mindler invites applications the for Foundation Level of its International Certified Career Coach Program: A Free 2 Day Virtual Conference for all Educators (27th – 28th June 2020)

New Delhi: Mindler, a comprehensive career guidance and mapping platform used by both students and career coaches, will be hosting a free two-day virtual ICCC foundation program on career counselling for beginners and established educators/ career counsellors/practitioners on 27 & 28 June 2020. The conference will be providing a sneak peek into the profession of career guidance & coaching, opportunities in the sector, emerging world of careers, usage of technology to power career guidance and an overview of the ICCC Advance & Master level curriculum.

As part of this conference, applicants will get a chance to understand the Education and Career Ecosystem, opportunity to enhance their coaching skills covering topics like Global Competencies and Helping Skills; Psychometric Testing in India & Abroad, and Effective Career Guidance: Tools, Techniques and Challenges. The ICCC program is suitable for all the educators including Principals, Vice Principals, Counsellors, HR Professionals, Professors, Ed-Tech Players, Edupreneurs, Psychology Professionals and aspiring Career Coaches. Designed keeping in mind the learning needs of various populations, the program is open for those who are keen to derive value from the industry-relevant skills the course inculcates.

Talking about the ICCC program, Mr Prateek Bhargava, CEO & Director, Mindler, said, “The career guidance & coaching landscape in India is largely unregulated. It is critical that we create a large pool of certified career coaches & guidance experts who can meet the career guidance requirements of over 300 million young students. In India we have a requirement of over 1.5 million career coaches and the ICCC program is designed in order to create career coaches who can cater to a large number of students around the country and to be able to provide them with the necessary career guidance. ICCC program enables educators to earn an international credentialing and certification in the field of career guidance from National Career Development Association, USA (NCDA) and Career Development Alliance, USA (CDA) and Mindler (India).”

Those who are interested must submit a complete program application on the ICCC website – https://www.mindler.com/iccc. All the applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts and accepted candidates will be notified within 7 days of submitting the application.

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