Minister Shri Aqueel congratulates Sushri Megha Parmar on conquering Kosciuszko Mountains

Minority Welfare Minister Shri Arif Aqueel congratulated young mountaineers Sushri Megha Parmar and Shri Shobhit Sharma for conquering Kosciuszko, the highest mountain of Australia. Residents of Sehore, Sushri Parmar and Shri Sharma are the first woman and man from Madhya Pradesh to have hoisted the Indian flag at Kosciuszko.

Shri Aqueel, in his congratulatory message, said that the daughter of Sehore district has made the state proud in the country and the world. It is indeed a matter of pride to hoist the Indian tri-colour flag on a mountain peak under such difficult circumstances and in such bad weather.

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