Ministry of Minority Affairs releasesInfographics highlighting the initiatives and achievements of the over the last six years

New Delhi: The Ministry of Minority Affairs has released a set of 5 infographics each in Hindi and English to highlight the initiatives and achievements of the Ministry over the last six years.Ideally suited for social media platforms, these are portrayed under five broad topics/subjects covering almost all the schemes undertaken for the welfare of the minorities in the country. These are:

Skill Development, Employment & Employment opportunities;
Hunar Haat—Opportunities for artisans, chefs etc with special focus on Women empowerment;
Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram (PMJVK)— focusing on socio-economic-educational and employment oriented infrastructure across the country in minority concentrated areas;
Educational Empowerment; and
Utilisation of Waqf properties—-Geo tagging and Digitisation of Waqf properties across the country ensuring utilization of Waqf properties for welfare of the society.
The Infographics are custom-designed to convey the message through pictorials, photographs and text for easy understanding.

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