Miracle Foundation India launches unique Mother’s Day campaign

Mumbai: Mother’s Day is one of the most special and celebrated days in India and across the world. To commemorate this day in a truly meaningful way, Miracle Foundation India, a non-profit organization based in New Delhi and the United States, has teamed up with Asia’s most visited online crowd-funding platform, Ketto, to launch a unique campaign.
This Mother’s Day, Miracle Foundation India invites you to honor your mom by giving to children who don’t have one. Instead of giving your mother a scarf or flowers, or taking her out to dinner at a nice restaurant, Miracle Foundation India invites you to honour your mother by donating the same amount of money in her name, giving children without parental care their right to a quality education.
With an aim to make this day a memorable one for mothers and children without parental care, Miracle Foundation India, along with Ketto, has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to support the education of 50 children for an entire year.
To honour a mom, one can simply go to MiracleFoundationIndia.in/mothers.
Donors will receive a beautiful personalized certificate that can be shared with their honoree for Mother’s Day.
Here’s the impact you can make:
• Rs. 1,000: Gives a child school supplies for an entire year
• Rs. 1,500: Provides a child aptitude testing & career counselling
• Rs. 3,000: Buys library books for a children’s home
• Rs. 6,000: Gives a child their right to a quality education for an entire year
• Or you can choose your own amount to give!
Talking about this campaign, Ms. Caroline Boudreaux (Founder, Miracle Foundation) said, “Mother’s Day has always been a very special day for me. It was on Mother’s Day in 2000 that I founded the Miracle Foundation, and since then the lives of thousands of children without parents have been changed. We invite everyone to make Mother’s Day special this year. Helping children go from hopeless and head-down, to empowered and standing tall, with bright futures ahead of them, is one of the most fulfilling endeavors in the world. One every mom would be proud to play a part in. We’re proud to partner with Ketto to ensure 50 children receive a quality education and break out of the cycle of poverty.”
Mr. Varun Sheth (Co-Founder & CEO, Ketto) added, “We are excited to collaborate with Miracle Foundation India on this wonderful initiative. Every child deserves the basic right to education and we are proud that are able to contribute towards this initiative.”
Founded on Mother’s Day in 2000, Miracle Foundation’s core philosophy is that every child deserves a loving family. The organization explores every avenue to reunite children with a parent or relative, if possible. In fact, they have reunited approximately 25% of the children they support with families. For children who have nowhere else to go, they ensure that children’s homes are in line with international standards and guidelines. And they provide excellent training for caregivers, a top-notch education for the children, nutritious food and plenty of love. In other words: