MIRAI Partners Launches India’s First Literacy Innovation Center

New Delhi: Digital learning innovation consultancy, MIRAI has announced its launch of a Literacy Innovation Center to improve digital literacy attainment through artificial intelligence, targeted intervention, and professional learning by giving solution-oriented support to relevant stakeholders.

According to research released by Business Times, an overwhelming 75 per cent of Indian parents are worried their children’s reading ability has massively declined during the pandemic, due to the closure of schools and unequal access to efficient online learning tools. The research shows that the majority of the parents want physical classrooms to immediately reopen although 26 per cent of the Indian households had switched from private to government schools for lack of funds, while mid-day meals had been discontinued in all sample schools.


Responding with an accessible solution to the education problem, the AI Literacy Center, which is the first in India, is in partnership with the Phoenix Conglomerate and will provide a venue for schools in Hyderabad to run Literacy assessment workshops; which will also serve as an additional stream of income for these schools.

The HP School Coach programme; a comprehensive learning innovation service built to address the education sector’s most pressing needs across the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia will be used to drive learning outcomes at the Center.

In partnership with MIRAI, the HP School Coach programme has positively impacted the lives of several students, teachers and relevant stakeholders continuing to transform education accessibility. The Literacy Innovation Center will provide supplementary services including a one-year complimentary license for 300 students at Phoenix’s DPS School; and a set-up of Proof of Concept (PoC) for up to 20,000 public sector students at schools in Telangana, one of the most digitally advanced states in India.


Speaking during the successful launch of the Literacy Innovation Center, Co-Founder of MIRAI and Forbes 30 Under 30, Nyla Khan said: “As a team of Educators and as an Indian National, the Impact of the pandemic on our schools and children across the country was a difficult sight. Years of literacy and education has been lost, and so we must do our part in accelerating & investing in the remediation of children’s learning. Through HP Literacy Coach & setting up of a literacy Innovation center, our plan thanks to the support and investment of the Phoenix Group is to use Artificial intelligence and eye-tracking to reach 20,000 students across the state of Telangana. We also aim to make the Phoenix Group DPS Guntur school a base for literacy assessments and intervention for the local community. The launch of the AI literacy center in India is an important milestone for Mirai Partners and our goals of transforming education access. In India, our goal is to support the future of our country that rests in the hands of our students of today.”


Mr Suresh Chukkapalli, Chairman Emeritus, Phoenix Group also speaking about the launch added that: “Our school is excited to partner with Mirai Partners, who are as passionate about education as us. We are happy to jointly launch the HP Literacy Coach and are enthused about setting up a literacy Innovation centre at DPS Amravati. This intuitive tool will deploy AI capability, at the same time, it will provide much-needed feedback to the educators and teachers who currently feel challenged due to virtual coaching and not having enough feedback which a physical environment provides.

We are excited that this beginning with Mirai will eventually become a replicable model for the state of Telangana and help establish a pedagogy platform for an improved learning experience for the students.”


The HP School Coach programme which is powered by MIRAI offers a comprehensive literacy solution through three transformative products namely: HP Digital Pedagogy Coach, HP School Improvement Coach, and HP Literacy Attainment Coach.

For more information about MIRAI please visit: https://www.miraipartners.co/.