Miraj Cinemas install ‘Smart Air Purifiers’ to Combat Increasing Air Pollution

-With installation of Pure Skies air purifiers it is expected to enhance the overall air quality index inside the theatres by 50% and PM2.5 & PM10 by 30-80%.

New Delhi: In the wake of Delhi’s air pollution levels going ‘off the charts,’ Miraj Cinemas, a leading multiplex player in the country has initiate to provide comfort to its audience by installing air purifiers in its theatres across Delhi NCR. Being supporters of the ‘Make in India’ movement, they have gone for unconventional, ‘smart air purifiers’ called ‘Pure Skies’ from Bangalore based company, ‘Devic Earth’ for Miraj cinemas theatres. These purifiers use radio waves in a specific pulsed sequence to produce astounding results in air purification, not seen in the conventional models used in the market.

Commenting on this advancement Mr. Amit Sharma, MD, Miraj Cinemas said, “Purer air is the major offering of this decade! Along with the luxury of our cinemas we now provide a basic necessity — ‘clean fresh air’. We are happy to partnered with Dr Srikanth Sola for installing smart air purifier in our theatres in Delhi NCR.”

Devic Earth is a green-tech company cofounded by Dr. Srikanth Sola, a cardiologist. He says on the collaboration, “We are proud to join hands with Miraj Cinemas by installing our ‘smart air purifiers’ in their theatres. These purifiers work on Smart Technology which learns from the local air quality levels. If the pollution is high in the morning and evening, or during peak office commute hours, the systems output accordingly changes. This partnership with Miraj Cinemas in creating a healthier, more peaceful environment for families to enjoy cinema will change the dynamics of luxury cinema.”

Pure Skies became operational on Jan 20th and the theatres are seeing a decrease in PM2.5 level by 17-18% and PM10 level by 22-23% in just a day. The product is highly effective, bringing down pollution by 33% in three days, and by 50% in a week, claims Dr. Sola.

Vice President, P&L, Miraj Cinemas, Bhuvnesh Mendiratta, added, “Our partnership with Devic Earth has enabled us to step-up our strategy of bringing comfort and luxury to our audience. We offer them only the best.”

Miraj Cinemas, a division of Miraj Group is the 5th largest brand in the movie-watching industry, currently having 125 screens nationwide out of which 8 screens are in Delhi NCR.

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