“Mission Homeopathy” organises ‘International Homeopathic Seminar’in Mumbai


Mumbai: The two day international homeopathic seminar was organised by Doctor Amarsinha Nikam,under joint auspices of the “Mission Homeopathy” and Children Welfare Centre School at CWC at Versova in Andheri (West), in North West Mumbai on 11-12 January, 2020.

The seminar was very successful with presence of over 400 national and international homeopathic doctors. The book titled ‘Vital force is OXYGEN’written by Doctor Amarsinha Nikam with his 40 years experience and research, was hot topic of discussion in the seminar. As such participants demanded that Dr.Amarsinha Nikam be given the prestigious Nobel Prize.

Former Vice-President of the Central Council of Homeopathy Dr. Arun Bhasme, Dr. Manish Nikam, Dr. Vijay Nikam, Dr. Suchitra Nikam, Dr. S T Gosavi, Dr. Dinesh Bhasme, Dr. Balkrishna Gaikwad, Dr.Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Rajesh Palande, Dr.Vidya Salunkhe, Dr.Anita Shinde, Dr. Nilesh Patil, Dr.Divya Chhabra, Mr. Anand Rekhi, MLA Prasad Lad and Children Welfare Centre School Principal Ajay Kaul attended and graced the seminar.

Doctor Amarsinha Nikam’s homeopathic hospital is located at Pimpri in Pune district. He has the experience of over 40 years in homeopathy. He has cured several patients suffering from curable and incurable diseases including cancer, jaundice, brain tumour and kidney failure. His book ‘Vital force is OXYGEN’ narrates the strength of vital force in oxygen and how patients can be cured with it.

In fact Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, in his first book ” The Organon of Medicine” had mentioned about the efficacy of “vital force” 250 years ago.

Besides this, discussion about all types of ailments and medical remedies to cure them, were discussed in the seminar. In the seminar Dr. Arun Bhasme suggested that Dr. Amarsinha Nikam should be given the Nobel Prize.

All participants profusely thanked Dr Amarsinha Nikam, “Mission Homeopathy” and the Children Welfare Centre School Principal Ajay Kaul for successfully organising the seminar.