Mission Suraksha: CARE Hospitals commits to restoring normalcy amid COVID-19


Bhubaneswar: CARE Hospitals Bhubaneswar on Wednesday announced that the hospital continues all medical services including Out Patient Departments (OPDs), In patient department (medical as well as surgical ) and 24 X7 Emergencycare services as per the norms defined by the Government of India(GOI) and World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols. This commitment is a part of the group’s focus to provide full-service capabilities to its patients amid the ongoing pandemic keeping their safety in mind.

To ensure the safety of the patients and employees, the hospital has put in place numerous social distancing and infection control protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. A separate facility for OPD (Fever Clinic for flu patients) and IPD (Respiratory Disease Unit), manned by a special medical team, has been set up for treating suspected COVID-19 patients and to ensure that other patients, caregivers and employees atthe hospital are not exposed to the environment.

Elaborating on the OPD protocols,Dr. Rajesh Padhi, Head of Department and Associate Clinical Director -Internal Medicine, CARE Hospitals Bhubaneswar, said, “The facility has been equipped with adequate sanitization measures. Strict protocols have been enforced in the out-patients departments to minimize over crowding, we follow social distancing protocols and this is minimizing the exposure to the patient and the doctor. Anybody entering the premises has to go through a three-step screening process. Anyone with flu symptoms is sent to the Fever clinic and is not allowed to enter the general OPD area.

Speaking about screening and segregation for admitted patients,Dr PragyanRoutray, Head of Department and Associate Clinical Director – Critical Care , CARE Hospitals Bhubaneswar, said, ’Being a non-COVID hospital, every patient is screened at the time of admission for any flu symptoms and if required a special investigation panel is advised. All protocols laid down by GOI and WHO are being adhered to. A separate respiratory unit caters to these special needs in case a patient is required to be isolated. A team of the senior medical staff at the hospital meets daily to monitor and audit the situation and ensure that the protocols laid down are followed.

Dr Sreenivasula Reddy – Head of Department Emergency Medicine, CARE Hospitals Bhubaneswar, shared, ’Patients requiring immediate medical attention with pre-existing medical conditions should no longer delay treatment since they are at more risk of infection and some may have a serious impact on their health. At the Emergency itself there is a stringent scoring done for patients and suspected patients undergo a special investigation panel and are segregated in a designated isolation unit. The patient receives all required treatment in this isolation ward and is shifted out only once he / she tests negative for COVID 19.’

In line with the guidelines issued by the Government of Odisha, CARE Hospitals Bhubaneswaris offering continued patient care services withextensive precautions and social distancing protocols in place. At CARE Hospitals, our patients’ health and safety are of utmost importance and the hospital is committed to adhering to all the necessary infection control protocols to warrant their safety and good health,” he added.