Missouri State University promulgates new Master’s degree in Computer Science

New Delhi: Post the announcement to support Indian students with respect to New Immigration Rule, US, Missouri State University (MSU), one of the premier universities in the Mid-Western United States, has announced its new programme for Indian students. The university will offer this course – Master of Science in Computer Science programme, under the umbrella of College of Natural and Applied Sciences. Notably, the University has predominantly announced this course, which is tailor-made for Indian Students.

Post the paper of New Immigration Rule was signed by President Trump, Indian students are apprehensive to study in US universities. Thus, the university has announced Computer Science course to ease out situation for Indian Students. Degree in Computer Science and STEM from US University allows students to work 3 years without work Visa in the USA.

The Master of Science (MS) programme is designed for those students who want to expand and dredge their knowledge of computer science. This programme creates systems that are correct, reliable, and efficient. Computer science students learn to integrate theory and practice, to recognize the importance of abstraction, and to appreciate the value of good engineering design. Coursework prepares students for lifelong learning and includes professional practice, such as communication skills, teamwork, and ethics. Computer Science prepares students to develop software, which can be used in all important sectors in Information Technology such as Healthcare, Manufacturing sector, CSR etc. U.S. News & World Report ranked “software developer” #2 on its list of Best Technology Jobs for 2016.As an industry catering to international markets, its pay packages have always been attractive. MSU’s programme in Computer Science would open doors for students in multiple sectors.

Specifying on the benefits of studying at Missouri State University, Colonel Stephen Robinette, Associate Vice President, International Programmes, MSU, said, “MS in Computer Science at MSU has been framed to teach a variety of advanced topics and a well-chosen core of principal subjects to graduates of computer science.”

Why choose MS in Computer Science at MSU:
· This degree is a great resume builder and a great way to advance students career.
· Computer science is a perfect addition to any master programme of study.
· Computer science provides a highly valuable skill set that can be used in many different areas of technology, science and mathematics.
· Career possibilities are ever changing in computer science, and any area of interest a student has, can be related to growing employment needs.

Who can apply?
A student who has successfully completed a bachelor degree in Computer Science or closely related field (e.g. Computer Engineering, Math, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering) from a recognized university, with GPA score of 3, GRE score of 305and IELTS score of 6 or TOEFL score of 79.

Date of application submission:
Deadline to submit completed applications for Fall 2017 is 30th May, 2017.

Date of commencement:
The session of the programme will start in Mid-August 2017.

18 Months to 2 Years

Tuition fees for the course is approximately US$10500.00 per year.