MIT School of Vedic Sciences launches online Master’s Certificate Program in Vedic Sciences

Pune: Ancient India’s contribution to science and art is well known, particularly in areas like medicine, architecture, administration, maths, human behaviour, music, language and sustainable development. In order to meet the challenges of the 21st century, the time is ripe to bridge the gap between ancient Indian and modern scientific discourse, through an independent and application-oriented study. MIT School of Vedic Sciences (SVS) under the banner of Institute of Indic Knowledge Studies, aims to groom a generation of experts who can manage this synthesis, through its new online Master’s Certificate Program in Vedic Sciences.

Value Proposition

Knowledge of Vedic Sciences, a term which collectively represents all Indic disciplines of learning, is increasingly being valued in mainstream careers to find holistic solutions.

· Multi-disciplinary R&D: Opportunities in IITs and institutions abroad for Indic science experts

· Teaching: Universities looking for faculty who understand modern and ancient perspectives

· Consultancy: In areas like management, counselling, construction, aesthetic design, etc.

Commenting on the utility of the program to young professionals, Dr Sai Susarla, Dean, MITSVS said, “India has been home to a vibrant scientific culture and knowledge tradition that helped it remain a developed country for millennia. Today, corporate employees and individuals from any modern scientific discipline, who are interested in understanding the Indic perspective and augmenting their area of specialization in mainstream careers with valuable, relevant and time-tested knowledge, will find this program useful.”


SVS imparts Vedic Science education at a level suited to contemporary audience. Instead of focusing on deep shaastra expertise, the curriculum has been designed to familiarize modern professionals with the methods used in Vedic Sciences and equip them through all foundational courses, with interpretative skills to enable Indic scientific studies (including learning Samskrit) and their practical application. Instead of focussing on memorizing the content, SVS uses the latest pedagogical techniques such as conceptual overviews, illustrations and mind-mapping. This Master’s Certificate also offers the much needed pedagogical flexibility to busy professionals since it is fully delivered online for distance education at the convenience of participants.

· Semester-1: Indic Knowledge Landscape, Contemporary Issues in Indic Knowledge Studies, How to Study Indic Sources-1, Samskrit-1, Indic Philosophy of Life, Indic Thought Model-1, and Foundations & Facets of Ethics

· Semester-2: Indic Thought Model-2, Indic Reasoning & Debating, Yoga Principles & Practice, History of Math & Computing in India, Vedic Aesthetic Theories, How to Study Indic Sources-2, and Samskrit-2

Program Highlights

· Duration: Nine months

· Total credits: 40 (20 hours/week of effort)

· Prerequisite: Bachelor’s in any discipline

· Applications are accepted throughout the year and participants will be admitted in the next available batch.

Those interested can contact on or visit our website

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