MIT World Peace University to offer new cybersecurity bootcamp in partnership with Cybint by ThriveDX

Pune : RISE WPU, the online education platform for MIT World Peace University, Pune partners with Cybint, now ThriveDX SaaS division, in launching new cybersecurity bootcamp programs to address the accelerated demand for cybersecurity professionals in India. Starting next month, the WPU’s ‘RISE’ online learning will be offering an updated platform and enhanced cybersecurity bootcamp by Cybint modified to Indian requirements.

With two broad modules and a ‘Pre-Work,’ the bootcamp will focus on topics like Network Administration, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Network and Application Security, Cloud Security, and Incident Handling in the first module, which prepares the students for their first cybersecurity role. The second module shall provide deeper insights into advanced topics such as Forensics, Malware Analysis, Ethical Hacking and Incident Response, Secure Design Principles, Risk Management, and Governance, allowing graduates to take more challenging roles. In addition, RISE offers a 1-month internship as part of the full program to maximize employability and career acceleration.

RISE WPU is a constituent company of the MIT (Maharashtra Institute of Technology) Group of institutions, offering a variety of courses across India. “As an educational entity that strives to shape young minds and prepare them for tomorrow’s world, we have divulged in a strategic partnership with Cybint to create job-readiness among our existing & prospect students,” says Mr Gaurav Bhatia, Chief Business Officer, RISE WPU. “This will address the current deficit of cybersecurity skills to make the manpower of tomorrow capable of handling the threats that lurk online.”

Founded by Israeli cybersecurity veterans and operating in over 20 different countries, Cybint is the world’s leading cyber education platform and is on a mission to close the global gaps in cybersecurity talent and skills. Recently, Cybint was acquired by and joined the HackerU group, now known as ThriveDX. ThriveDX offers an expanded range of training programs focused on digital skills, aiming to equip its students with the knowledge they need to thrive in the high-tech era.

“Cybint firmly believes in making the rapidly evolving digital world safer, secure and supportive,” says Mr. Roy Zur, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Cybint. “In our pursuit to impart knowledge and provide essential skills for cyber security, we are partnering with the leading educational institutes around the world. We are full steam ahead to reach as many people and make India a cyber-proof nation.”

The pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for cybersecurity in nearly every aspect of personal and professional lives. Remote work is just one change among many that have increased attacks, and as such, the need for cyber talent. Acquiring the relevant skills and attaining proficiency in cybersecurity has become the need-of-the-hour.

At the moment, India is witnessing a spike in cyber-attacks. According to an assessment by the Data Security Council of India (A NASSCOM entity), the country has seen a whopping 3 times rise in cybersecurity attacks from 2019 to 2020. While on the other hand, the industry faces an acute talent shortage. As per findings from the State of Cybersecurity 2021 Part 1 survey report from ISACA and HCL Technologies, the cybersecurity industry is experiencing challenges in hiring and retention, with 49 percent of the respondents saying that they have unfilled positions in the stream.

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