MobileComm Professionals Inc. acquires XplorG Core360°, now mCoreSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

New Delhi: MobileComm Professionals, Inc., a global Wireless Engineering Frontier Company headquarter in US, announced today that it has acquired XplorG a Telecommunications and IT convergence innovations product firm.
This acquisition extends MobileComm’s leadership in network transformation services and enhances its already robust, next-generation technology focused portfolio of services, products and support facilities. With XplorG’s feature rich products encompassed around Core360° concept, MobileComm is now uniquely positioned to provide an end-to-end innovative solution packages to its global clientele base with a framework that covers planning, optimization, auto-assurance, capex-management, SON, PM aggregator, SNMP, Auto-audit, Revenue-assurance, CEM/QoE and many more with opex efficiency at the centre. These advanced network management capabilities prove to be extremely important to current wireless landscape involving IoT, OTT, cloud computing and upcoming 5G architectures. The transaction includes all associated Intellectual Property (IP), a research and development facility and associated client base, customer support and maintenance contracts.
Core360° absorbs multifaceted complexity of VoLTE/SAE end to end chain in multivendor environment and answers many questions of IT and telecommunication intersection. This unique solution provides a comprehensive platter to cover all IP Core/EPC and legacy core NW management needs of CSPs. Core360° encompasses services/tool offering unique data analytics and agility.
Gurmeet Likhari, Group President of MobileComm expresses his views on this acquisition and quotes “As the industry transitions towards advanced LTE and 5G, with a growing integration into software based system nodes, we answered, with Core360°, a critical requirement for an innovative complete network performance monitoring solution that allows for live, dynamic analytics and best response recommendations to our clients, to address different workloads within a network. It provides inherent value to CAPEX and OPEX objectives of our customers,”

MobileComm’s CTO, Rajiv Gandhi, one of the leading proponents of this acquisition, commented “Core 360 now provides MobileComm’s customers with a complete map of their network, end-to-end. MobileComm already has, in its arsenal, a suite of innovative and future ready platforms and services, on access and transport part of the network, across all technologies and OEMs. With Core 360°, we are able to provide our clients with a complete network tools/services platform which is not only vendor agnostic but also customizable to the needs of the audience in the client organization – Engineers to CTO – with added analytical features such as a 5-year predictive look at their network health.”
Combined with MobileComm’s existing Wireless Network Planning, Deployment, Optimization and Performance Management offerings, Core360 plays an integral part of a mobile data, IoT, Software-defined Networks (SDN) and cloud based architecture strategies. Being a feature-rich big data analytical map/platform, Core360° offers IT, Revenue assurance and Marketing teams within Service Provider organizations to nail the things as per their specific needs enabling them more proactive to take effective decisions and synergy among different organs. It also provides the network performance teams, often with single click, an outlook into auditing and optimization, POI analysis and augmentation, live traffic modeling, KPI Aggregation, E2E call/session viewer for EPC/VOLTE thus savings probe cost among many more performance analysis features that are imperative in the future telecommunication landscape.

The CEO of XplorG and the brain child behind Core360°, Shubash Bali commented “I could not be more excited about this synergy with MobileComm Professionals. The need of the hour is to understand the gravitas of these new architectural changes and addressing the industry needs with technical expertise and by absorbing the complexity through innovative solutions. MobileComm being eagle eyed on technological changes around communication sector follow ‘kaizen’ principle to adapt its services and tools and Core360° is a perfect fit within its dynamic yet holistic portfolio on a global stage”
In connection with the transaction, MobileComm is on-boarding the entire talent pool associated with the Core360° business. This team will be working closely together with MobileComm to support customers of Core360° as well as deliver differentiable end-to-end solutions to ensure continued support for customers in the future. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.