Mochi shoes distributes PPE KITS frontline health workers, Police Personnel

Mumbai: Mochi shoes from the house of Metro Brands Ltd., partnered with United Way of Mumbai to distribute 1000 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits to Cama and Albless Hospital and Police Hospital, Nagpada as well as 25000 3 Ply masks to Police Personnel located at 5 Police Stations around the city in order to protect our frontline workers in this time of pandemic that has gripped the nation. Healthcare professionals and Police Personnel are our front-line soldiers in uniforms. They are our real heroes who are treating Covid positive patients and ensuring law and order without worrying about their own life because duty comes first. Mochi shoes supported doctors, nurses, health care workers and Police Personnel, by funding the distribution of PPE kits and 3 Ply masks in Mumbai. United Way of Mumbai helped the brand in procuring and distributing the PPE kits and 3 Ply masks.

PPE kits ensure the safety of the healthcare professionals from the deadly virus, while they are on the field helping people battle with the virus. With Mumbai being in the red zone and the number of positive cases rising exponentially every day, there is a dire need of PPE kits and masks for healthcare and other frontline workers, without which their lives could be at risk as well. United Way of Mumbai ensured timely development and delivery of these kits with funds received from the brand Mochi.

Speaking about the initiative, Aziz Fidai, Head CSR from Mochi shoes said, “Our city doctors, policemen and other frontline workers, need our support more than ever. We need to save those who save us. Our healthcare staff is working tirelessly to save our fellow citizens, they deserve safe equipment and PPE kits to be the front-line warriors. We are grateful to United Way of Mumbai for helping us protect front line workers.”

CEO – Ms. Jayanti Shukla from United Way of Mumbai, “COVID-19 is a disaster of immense proportions, at a time like this, we as a community must do all that we can to help those on the frontline. We are grateful to brands like Mochi shoes who are extending their full support. We endeavour to continue gathering support for our front-line heroes- our doctors, nurses, hospital staff, police personnel, and sanitation workers and aid them with facilities they deserve to safeguard their own lives.”